Donald Trump Uses Hypnotism And Persuasion, Says ‘Dilbert’ Creator Scott Adams [Video]

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump employs hypnosis and hypnotic persuasion techniques to get people think the way Trump wants them to think. That’s the theory put forth by Scott Adams, creator of the popular Dilbert cartoon. As can be seen in the below video with Bill Maher, Adams talks about Trump’s powers of persuasion, and charges that The Donald intentionally does certain things to try and get crowds to come over to Trump’s point of view.

As can be seen in the below video, Adams — author of How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life — speaks about Trump’s habit of calling people names as one of his persuasive techniques. Trump even gets crowds to decide the nefarious nicknames that Donald wants to calls his enemies. Scott notes how Trump asked a crowd if he should call Hillary Clinton by the nickname “Hateful Hillary” or “Crooked Hillary,” and found that the crooked name stuck.

Adams also notes how Trump uses words like “low energy” and “liar” as a technique to hypnotize others into thinking like Trump. It was Scott Adams’ viral blog post, titled Clown Genius, which Adams posted last year, that exposed Adams’ thoughts about Trump. In the blog post, Scott used the hashtags #Trump, #hypnosis, #persuasion and #negotiating as Scott wrote in-depth about his thought process.

Adams explains the hypnosis and persuasion methods he believes Trump has used, and since Adams is a trained hypnotist, Scott has plenty of research and background knowledge to pull from. The writer uses the terms persuasion, hypnosis, and negotiating as part of a three-legged branch all belonging to the same stool.

The hyperbole and outrageous claims employed by Trump, like his questionable $10 billion net worth, are part of the persuasion. The fact that Trump keeps repeating the claims of his outrageous and “huge” wealth makes it stick in the public’s mind, even if the claims are dubious, and not backed up by actual facts since Trump won’t release his tax returns.

Trump calling Mexicans rapists was another exaggerated “anchor” word that he hoped would stick in the minds of Americans. Trump also hoped his compliments directed at himself would also stay in the minds of supporters, such as each time he calls himself the best at something or that he’s amazingly great at doing some impossible feat.

The hypnotic device has been one reportedly employed by Adolf Hitler, who was accused of using a hypnotic way of speaking and his hypnotizing hand movements — like the “Heil Hitler” salute that has popped up at Trump rallies — to literally try and put crowds under a spell.

According to The Hypnosis of Adolf Hitler, a published paper by ASTM International, Hitler was hypnotized by Dr. Edmund Forster, who potentially introduced Hitler to ideals that had a devastating effect upon the world.

“A little-known United States Naval Intelligence document (declassified in 1973) for the first time identified Dr. Edmund Forster as the psychiatrist who treated Adolf Hitler during his recovery in Pasewalk Military Hospital. The fact that Adolf Hitler served as a corporal in World War I is known. However, little has been known as to the psychiatric treatment of Hitler during the autumn of 1918 after he fell victim to a mustard gas attack while serving in the front lines with The 16th Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment.

“Historians (Rudolph Binion and John Toland) have acknowledged Hitler’s days in the Pasewalk Hospital, but Hitler’s psychiatric treatment was not the focus of their attention. The author of the present paper (a psychiatrist) sets out to better understand what is known about Forster’s encounter with Adolf Hitler; and discusses the possibility that suggestions given to Hitler under hypnosis may have influenced the course of history.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Trump’s ex-wife claimed he kept Hitler’s speeches by his bedside.

[Photo by AP Photo/Chris Carlson]