Women Dress Up In Vagina Costumes To Protest Mitt Romney At RNC [Video]

Code Pink protestors dressed up as walking and talking Vaginas to protest against Mitt Romney in front of the Republican National Convention. Members of the feminist group dressed in vagina costumes carried signs which compared Republicans and Mitt Romney to the Taliban. One man who joined in the Code Pink vagina protest at the RNC stated he was not going to kill Mitt Romney but would not cry if he died, according to The Blaze.

The anti-Romney vagina protest also included signs which read, “Republican arrogance hurt America more than AL-Qaeda ever did” and “abort sh*t Romney and his Taliban party.”

A senior citizen woman wearing a “my body my vagina” sign explained why she was protesting Mitt Romney and the GOP convention in a MRC-TV video clip:

“I understand Mr. Romney is a businessman. But business means profit and you have to get profit by disenfranchising or taking away [from] people who aren’t a part of the profit.”

The Code Pink vagina costume protestor did not elaborate on her political beliefs or explain how America could engage in an economic recovery without the jobs and taxes generated by business owners.

Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin feels one of the best ways to get police officers to go away and not end a protest is to stand near them wearing a vagina and take photos, according to the Daily Beast. Medea Benjamin also noted that Code Pink attempts to get their message across in a creative way which is not dull or too angry. The Mitt Romney protestors at the Republican National Convention reportedly wanted to call attention to the fact that women are in the majority in America — and to tell others that the vagina is a very strong organ.