Gwen Stefani Defies Gavin Rossdale's Wishes, Takes Kingston On Helicopter Ride With Blake Shelton

Gwen Stefani isn't going to let Gavin Rossdale's jealousy stop her from spending time with Blake Shelton whenever it's her turn to take care of the kids. Recent reports suggest that Gavin wants Gwen back and disagrees with her decision to let their boys—10-year-old Kingston, 7-year-old Zuma, and 2-year-old Apollo—bond with her new boyfriend. However, Gwen is ignoring her ex-husband's concerns and spending Memorial Day weekend with Blake Shelton and the boys.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Gwen Stefani and the kids hung out at Blake's place in Oklahoma on Friday. Gwen shared a series of Snapchats showing Kingston driving an ATV on Blake's sprawling, secluded property. The vehicle was possibly a birthday gift for Kingston, who turned 10 years old on Thursday. Kingston also went fishing in a small pond on Blake's property during his visit, and he caught a huge frog while he and Zuma were taking a break from trying to get the fish to bite. Apollo decided to skip the fishing trip, but he had a blast playing in his very own mini sandbox while his brothers tried to catch dinner.

According to E! News, Kingston's ATV adventure wasn't the most exhilarating ride that he went on this weekend; he also got to take flight in a helicopter. Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton joined Kingston in the chopper, which took the trio to Indianapolis, Indiana.

Blake was set to perform during the Firestone Legends Day concert at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and he and Gwen obviously found a creative way to blend work and play so that Kingston wouldn't have a boring birthday weekend. There's no word on whether they'll stick around to watch the Indianapolis 500 today.

Gwen Stefani stood on the side of the stage during Blake Shelton's performance, and she snapped a few photos and videos of her man. One of her photos shows Blake enjoying a pre-performance drink in an unapologetic cup.Gwen Stefani also proved that Kingston is a fan of Blake's music by sharing a Snapchat video that shows her and her son singing along to Blake's performance of "Sure Be Cool If You Did."If Gavin Rossdale follows Gwen Stefani on Snapchat, he might not be very happy about what he's seeing this weekend. According to E! News, Gavin doesn't like Blake bonding with his kids.

"Gavin doesn't agree with [Gwen] having a relationship with Blake, and he doesn't like her bringing the kids around him," an insider dished.

According to Us Weekly, Gavin recently met with Gwen and told her that he "wants to be consulted on everything concerning the kids and the role that Blake is playing in their lives."

However, it's too late to stop Blake from making an impression on the boys; Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo reportedly "love" him already. Kingston showed his admiration for the new man in his momma's life by rocking a camouflage ensemble that country boy Blake would surely approve of.

Gavin Rossdale isn't just jealous because his boys enjoy Blake's company; he's also upset that Gwen Stefani has already moved on from their marriage of 13 years. He was hoping that he and Gwen could mend their marriage.

"If it were up to Gavin he would want to work it out with Gwen," another source revealed. "He is still hurt it has turned out this way and now she is in love with another man."

However, Gavin didn't seem very interested in being married to Gwen before she dumped him. As Us Weekly reports, the Bush frontman cheated on Gwen with Mindy Mann, one of their children's nannies, for three years. Gavin didn't end the affair or tell Gwen what was going on until he was forced to when another nanny discovered evidence of his infidelity. In February of last year, the other unnamed nanny found explicit text messages between Gavin and Mindy on an iPad that the family shared.

Gavin Rossdale initially claimed that he and Mindy Mann were just flirting, but he eventually confessed to carrying on a full-blown affair.

"This was done right under Gwen's nose," a source revealed.

Luckily for Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton was going through his divorce from Miranda Lambert at the same time she was reeling from the breakdown of her marriage. The Voice coaches bonded over their mutual heartbreak, and they've proved to the naysayers that their relationship is more than a rebound romance by staying together for almost seven months. Blake's effort to spend time with Gwen's sons and become a part of their lives is also evidence that he sees his relationship with Gwen as more than a fling.

After what he did to Gwen Stefani, do you think Gavin Rossdale should have any say on the amount of time their sons spend around Blake Shelton?

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