Golden State Warriors Crush Oklahoma City Thunder's Hopes In Game 6

Nicholas Sciria

On Saturday night, the Golden State Warriors overcame a late Oklahoma City Thunder lead to save the their season from the inevitable tag of underachievement that was set to ensue after a loss. Once again, the Warriors were led by Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry, who teamed up to hit key shots in the fourth quarter. These shots, coupled with several head-scratching decisions by Oklahoma City's superstars, were the difference in the tight Western Conference affair. In the end, Golden State inched by with the seven-point win.

On the other end of the floor, the Warriors were able to frustrate Oklahoma City's dynamic duo just enough to salvage a victory. Kevin Durant managed 29 points, but his 10-31 shooting performance was far from his normal efficiency. Next to him, Russell Westbrook had 28 points, but he also finished 10-27 from the field along with five turnovers.

The defensive effort given by the Warriors' sixth man was vital to the comeback, and ESPN explained exactly why Iguodala should be praised for his performance.

"Not enough can be said of Iguodala's defense on Durant. He leaned into the task, tilting and stretching his body into space like a free climber. The longer the game went, the more energy he seemed to summon. On the face of it, holding Durant to 29 points doesn't seem like a great effort. But consider Durant's 31 shots and how the Thunder were in the penalty for most of the fourth."

Furthermore, the Warriors had been waiting for Oklahoma City's three-point shooting to regress to the mean, something that finally happened in Game 6. In the contest, the Thunder connected on only three of their 23 attempts from behind the line, easily their lowest total of the series. Westbrook missed all five of his three-point attempts, which is much more in line with the 30.2 percent mark in his career.

With the win, Golden State's 73-win season continues for at least two more days. If the Warriors can pull off the rare feat and clinch their 3-1 comeback win over the Thunder, then Golden State will be able to defend their title in the next round. Either way, the Warriors have once again captivated the entire NBA sphere.

[Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images]