‘Trump Train’: 21 Songs With The Same Title Have Taken Over The Internet [Video]

The “Trump Train” can’t be stopped. That’s at least the narrative that the Donald himself is pushing during campaign rally after campaign rally.

Apparently a bunch of amateur musicians all across the internet agree, because if you do a search for “Trump Train” on YouTube, you’re going to find a lot of them with their own creative renditions.

Gawker recently took an opportunity to do an extensive ranking, and they were able to come up with 21. This being the internet, which allows anyone to publish anything at any time, you should fully expect that number to grow as the Trump Train continues to roll through the election process.

So how good are these songs? The appropriate response would be “as good as you would expect.”

Topping the list over at Gawker was, what else, “Trump Train” by Freddy C. The chorus says pretty much everything you need to know.

“Get on Board the Tump Train Choo Choo / Get on Board the Trump Train Let Freedom Ring / Get on Board the Tump Train Choo Choo / Get on Board the Trump Train Let Freedom Ring”

If only it ended there. For more from Freddy C’s version of “Trump Train,” check out the video below.

While Freddy C isn’t much of a vocalist in the traditional sense of the word, the same could not be said for Nimble Navigator Productions’ “Trump Train.” While the lyrics are cringe-inducing, the delivery shows polish.

That said, try on some of these lyrics for size.

“Are you, are you, coming to the train? Where brave man called out, for a wall built by crane. Media is terrified, they can’t control his reign. Let’s meet, this year, on the Trump Train.”

What some might find simultaneously amusing and terrifying about each of these songs is how they try to fit specific policy proposals of Donald Trump into the lyrics.

While one might expect some pretty tough scrutiny from the comments section, it’s largely supportive in many cases with some commenters talking about how they “got goosebumps” listening.

Together these songs highlight a strength of the Trump campaign that appears to be lacking when it comes to his probable Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.

According to a report from the Associated Foreign Press, via Yahoo!, Clinton’s supporters are badly trailing Donald Trump’s in terms of enthusiasm, and that can be a key indicator of success in a head-to-head matchup.

One need only look at Trump’s “thunderous” campaign rallies, the AFP notes, which are filled with raucous applause and audience members dressing up like they’re going to a Sunday NFL game.

The string of “Trump Train” videos, while they may seem like parody to Trump opponents, are very much authentic if you listen to each one.

They are, in a sense, musical versions of what you will hear at the campaign rallies with the fervor of artists who really believe the Donald will accomplish the things that he has promised.

Flip-flops and position changes aside, these people believe in Trump because he “tells it like it is,” and, as one rally attendee told the AFP, “There’s nothing much more he could actually want in his life: he has a ton of money, he’s really famous, he has a beautiful family, so he’s really doing it for us, the American people.”

Clinton’s supporters are struggling to explain away an increasingly messy situation with her emails, the Clinton Foundation co-mingling into state business, and the highly-paid speeches she gave to the types of Wall Street fat cats that Bernie Sanders and his supporters detest.

In other words, they’re playing too much defense to go on the offense with a string of “Trump Train”-like pop ballads.

But what do you think, readers?

Are the “Trump Train” songs amusing or disturbing, and do you think the loyalty they demonstrate will make for a long November in the Clinton camp? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via Flickr Creative Commons / Gage Skidmore]