Mysterious UFO Spotted Hovering Over Alien Hotspot Wright-Patterson Air Force Base In Ohio, UFO Hunters Claim [Video]

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Bizarre footage uploaded to YouTube, purportedly showing a dark, mysterious alien UFO captured on camera hovering in cloudy skies over a U.S. military base near Dayton in Ohio, has gone viral online.

The footage was filmed last week on Wednesday, May 25, at a spot near the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, about ten miles from Dayton, Ohio, by a couple watching the sunset from their home, according to YouTube UFO hunters Secureteam10 in a video uploaded online (see YouTube below) on May 28, 2016.

Secureteam10, a popular UFO conspiracy theory YouTube channel, describes itself as "the research team bringing exposure of the alien phenomenon and those trying to hide it back to the masses."

The Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio is considered a UFO hotspot due to a long history of documented sightings dating back to the Second World War era.

Other conspiracy theorists allege that the "above-top-secret" status of the facility at the time was because several alien corpses were preserved there.

Although it is alleged widely that after the UFO crash at Roswell, in 1947, badly burned remains of alien astronauts salvaged from the mangled alien UFO were moved on flatbed trucks to Area 51 facility in Nevada, some conspiracy theorists claim that the aliens -- described as small beings with large heads and gray skin color -- were actually flown to Hangar 18 at the Wright-Patterson base for postmortem analysis and scientific studies (see video below).

The witness said her grandmother obtained the information in 1960 from a very close friend, a high ranking officer, who retired from the base.

"A close friend retired from Wright Patterson Air Force Base... He was high ranking. My grandmother asked him if it were true about the alien craft and possibly the alien bodies being stored at the base," the witness said.

"If the public knew what was at the base from the Roswell incident, there would be a general panic amongst the public," the official allegedly answered.

Documents from the USAF Project Blue Book program, a study of UFO phenomenon conducted from 1952 to 1969 at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, reveal that the base recorded more than 12,500 strange aerial sightings between 1947 and 1969.

More than 700 of the total were reportedly classified as "unexplained."

Details about the Project Blue Book program were revealed in 2015, when more than 100,000 pages of documents related to the project were released following a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

The woman filming the object with her cellphone camera appears shocked.

"What the f**k is that," she can be heard exclaiming in the footage.

"It looks like it is moving with the clouds," she adds.

Her companion can also be heard saying, "That's f***ing crazy."

The camera then zooms in for a closer view of the object. The UFO, which appears to sense it was being observed, moves and hides behind thick clouds, eliciting more expletives from the viewers.

"Oh my god, it f****** disappeared."

He claims that "three separate" witnesses had filmed the same UFO at the same location before the latest sighting, thus corroborating the testimony of the latest witnesses.

"It's the same UFO. I am simply amazed; we have someone corroborating this sighting," Glockner says. "There is no doubt in my mind this is either an alien craft or a very, very strange drone -- which I highly doubt."

"It's the same UFO. I am simply amazed; we have someone corroborating this sighting."

Glockner's speculation sparked some discussion online, with loyal followers of his channel agreeing as usual that the footage likely shows an alien craft and that it provides evidence the government is covering up evidence of alien visitations to Earth.

"This is the best footage and something is about to go down," a fan enthused. "Did you see the face as the camera zoomed in? Oh man... The government is not your friend."

"Hey Tyler... did you notice around 28-29 secs into video that two objects flashed past in the top right of screen?" an enthusiast commented.

Excited fans declared that the footage proves that more and more aliens are visiting Earth.

"They are coming everyday more and more! They have already been here forever but more aliens are coming every day!"a fan commented excitedly.

A few Christian fans however declared that the UFOs were demons and warmed UFO hunters to "place [their] faith in Christ" rather than in aliens.

But critics of Secureteam10 have once again alleged that the latest footage from the remarkably prolific UFO hunter is a fake.

"Video editing and bad acting," a skeptic commented.

The latest claimed sighting comes after UFO hunters uploaded to YouTube in July 2015, footage allegedly showing a mysterious saucer-shaped UFO (see YouTube above) that "jumped dimension" over the same Air Force base.

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