WWE News: Cody Rhodes Reveals Wish List Of Names He Wants To Wrestle After WWE — Heading To TNA?

Cody Rhodes’ 10-year career with WWE came to an end this past week, and many have wondered what he’s going to do next. On his way out the door, he decided to take some parting shots at WWE and those backstage, but that’s done and past. Now, he’s simply going to wait out the typical 90-day non-compete clause and then he’s going to continue his wrestling career elsewhere. On Saturday, Rhodes decided to reveal the names of those he’s anxious to wrestle next.

Yes, there were a lot of missed opportunities in WWE that never got to happen but would have made for great matches. At this point, it’s all about who Cody Rhodes can face in TNA or New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) or Ring of Honor or on the independent circuit. Well, fans now have a chance to see some classic matches that can finally happen.

On Saturday afternoon, Rhodes not only revealed when his non-compete clause with WWE ends, but which stars from around the world he would like to face in the ring.

The first thing to notice from this list is that Rhodes’ non-compete clause with WWE appears to end after Aug. 19. From that point on, he will be a full-on free agent and can wrestle wherever he so chooses to wrestle.

Interestingly enough, that date is not too long before the annual PWG Battle of Los Angeles tournament which just so happens to be on his list. It’s quite possible that he will check off “BOLA” in late August.

As for the rest of the homemade list, it’s an interesting one, as the names he wrote down are spread across multiple wrestling promotions. Not all of them are quite so easy to figure out, but a lot of them are much more obvious.

wwe news cody rhodes post wrestling match names list young bucks adam cole tna
On top of the list is Adam Cole who happens to be a former Ring of Honor World Champion and World TV Champion. Moose and Roderick Strong are on there, and the former was a wrestler that WWE once chased after and tried to sign to a deal.

Another name on the list is one that belongs to the Young Bucks who are currently on the NJPW roster. Matt Jackson decided to respond to Rhodes, but instead of accepting the challenge, he issued an offer.

Rhodes appears to be leaning more toward Ring of Honor than anything else with his list. Another sign that he may be heading there is the one item listed as “the streamers thing” which sounds very much like what the fans do at ROH shows.

“The Miracle” appears to be a reference to Mike Bennett, who is another former Ring of Honor talent, but he’s since signed with TNA. Another name on the list is just “Angle,” and it’s quite possible that he is referring to Kurt Angle who is currently taking a year off from TNA and any major wrestling promotions.

wwe news cody rhodes post wrestling match names list young bucks adam cole tna
Cody Rhodes had really been hoping to remain with WWE, and he even recently revealed that he wanted to wrestle until the age of 40. Unfortunately, his career couldn’t continue in WWE as he wanted to, and it was mostly due to the “Stardust” gimmick.

According to WrestleZone, via The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Rhodes was told in February that he would be able to drop the gimmick of Stardust. Unfortunately for him, Vince McMahon stepped in and squashed that idea by saying that he didn’t want Rhodes to return back to wrestling as himself.

That ultimately led to him asking for his release, and it being granted by WWE, and now this list of dream matches.

The life of Cody Rhodes took some interesting twists and turns in WWE, and it all came to an end with the Stardust gimmick lasting a bit too long. As he heads on to do different things in life, his time in the ring is far from over. Now, wrestlers from around the world know that Rhodes wants a piece of them as he’s revealed his “hit-list” of sorts, and it’s going to end up being a global tour to have those matches.

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