‘Big Brother 18’ Rumors: Should Producers Address Spoilers About All-Star Cast?

Big Brother 18 rumors about an All-Star cast are nothing new. In fact, the rumors about BB18 go back to the summer before BB17 began. Following the conclusion of BB17, an online article projected which 15 houseguests from past seasons should return for an All-Star season of Big Brother 18. Included in that article were the names Dan Gheesling from BB10 and BB14, Danielle Reyes from BB3, Danielle Murphy from BB14, and Jason Roy from BB17.

So why haven’t the show producers addressed any of the Big Brother 18 rumors and spoilers yet? The answer to that question is pretty simple: It would bring an end to all of the buzz on social media about what might take place. By having a Big Brother 18 cast announcement, the show would certainly see a huge increase in interest, but that could die down again before the season premiere on Wednesday, June 22. It would only be a short-term gain in the overall interest level.

By prolonging the revelation of who will be in the BB18 cast, the interest level among fans can continue to grow slowly over a long-term period. Having past contestants on a recent primetime episode of The Price Is Right helped with that methodology as well. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, some of the Big Brother 18 rumors were addressed. The biggest one was that the revelation of the BB18 cast has already been set in stone. Now fans have a date to look forward to.

According to information on the main Big Brother website, the BB18 season premiere will be a two-hour event on Wednesday, June 22. That episode will begin at 8 p.m. PT/ET, showing CBS viewers the BB18 cast as it enters the house. The second episode will then air on Thursday, June 23, at 9 p.m. PT/ET, likely presenting which contestant has become the first Head of Household and how the house has settled during the first five or six days. Houseguests typically enter the game the weekend prior to the season premiere airing on CBS.

After that first week of episodes, the Wednesday time slot will slide back to 9 p.m. PT/ET and consist of a one-hour episode. Thursday episodes will typically show the weekly eviction as well as the latest Head of Household competition. Then on the Sunday episodes at 8 p.m. PT/ET, the weekly nominations will get revealed inside the house. Wednesday’s will generally cover the Veto Competition and Veto Ceremony, ending with two houseguests on the block for eviction on the live (for the East Coast) Thursday eviction.

While it would be exciting for fans to learn whether any of the Big Brother 18 spoilers about an All-Star cast are actually correct, CBS and the show producers are likely making the smart decision by holding back information. If there is an All-Star cast of about 18 houseguests coming, then there are going to be a lot of fan-favorites who make the cut, but there will also be a lot of great contestants who don’t make the cut. It is the fans of the cut contestants, who could end up frustrated by production decisions, who might start losing interest in the short-term.

Until any tangible information addresses the Big Brother 18 rumors or significant spoilers come out about the BB18 cast, fans can take some time to enjoy a marathon that will be shown on the live feeds very soon. Every episode from the first 17 seasons will be shown in order, leading up to the BB18 season premiere on Wednesday, June 22. There is still time for information about Big Brother 18 to be leaked to the internet, so additional rumors and spoilers could be hitting social media very soon.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]