Canadians will ‘Moon’ U.S. Border Spy Blimp

A U.S. company planning to launch a spy balloon that will monitor the Canada/US border in the Port Huron and Sarnia areas may get an eyeful when they view camera footage.

Over 70 Canadians plan to get together in Sarnia, Ontario and drop their pants with their pride held high in protest to the spy balloon. They say the high-resolution cameras that will be mounted on the balloon will invade their privacy, since it will be peering at their homes and businesses in the area while it monitors their waterfront for suspicious activity and potential illegal border crossings.

The balloon, the new product of a U.S. company, aims to get the attention and interest of the U.S. defense department who they hope will purchase units to use as remote border surveillance drones.

The Observer writes:

In a letter to the PM Thursday, Mike Bradley said the camera hovering over Port Huron, Mich. is scanning Sarnia’s waterfront, which includes many homes, private businesses and government offices.

“There was absolutely no consultation with the local community and I am not aware if there has been at the national level about this particular initiative,” he said.

The surveillance balloon based on Port Huron’s waterfront is equipped with a $1-million camera and is being tested on the international border.

The 50-foot dirigible, shaped like an airplane wing, is owned by the Sierra Nevada Corporation and operated by True North Logistics of Port Huron.

It has clearance to fly to 1,000 feet and can read the name of a ship from nine miles (14 kilometres) away. Its owners hope to draw interest from U.S. Homeland Security.”