Woman Dies In Freak Zip Line Accident After Wind Blows Tree Into Her Path

A 55-year-old woman, Lisa Lambe, died in a freak accident while riding the last segment of the Sundance Mountain Resort zip line tour in Utah. The woman was reportedly flying down the zip line at speeds of around 65 mph when the wind blew a tree into her path. The woman is believed to have died on impact, or shortly after, from the traumatic internal injuries.

Fox 13 reports that 55-year-old Lisa Lambe was enjoying an afternoon of zip lining at the Sundance Mountain Resort in Utah when a freak accident claimed her life. The woman had completed four of the five segments of the zip line tour and was finishing up the last segment of the attraction when a tree fell into her path. The woman is believed to have hit the tree at high speeds, causing fatal internal injuries.

Sgt. Spencer Cannon of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office says that the Sundance zip line tour is not to blame for the accident. High winds and a broken tree caused the fatal accident. In fact, Cannon says it is the “text-book definition” of a freak accident.

“If you ever think of a freak accident, this is probably the text-book definition of that. We believe that most likely it was either leaning on the line as she hit it, or it fell into her path as she came down.”

According to the Daily Mail, the woman likely died on impact, or within seconds of making impact, with the tree as her internal injuries were severe. The woman was reportedly found suspended in her harness on the zip line and was immediately lowered to the ground where paramedics attempted to revive her. However, the attempts were unsuccessful and Lambe was declared dead.

The Sundance zip line company was investigated and it was determined the company was likely not to blame for the accident. Instead, it was noted that high winds in the area and a nearby broken tree resulted in the death. It is believed that due to winds, the top of a broken tree was blown off and unfortunately entered the path of the zip line. When Lambe’s body was found, it was initially unknown as to what could have caused her injuries.

However, below the zip line, the top of a broken tree was found that contained DNA evidence that Lambe had made contact with the object at some point. Therefore, the Utah County Sheriff’s Office believes the whole ordeal is nothing more than a freak accident in which no one is to blame.

“Investigators believe that high winds caused the tree to break and fall into Lambe’s path in this unfortunate accident. There is no evidence of criminal wrongdoing in this case.”

The Sundance Mountain Resort says that they follow stringent policies to ensure the safety of the zip line. This includes, according to the resort, daily inspections.

“Sundance goes to great lengths to operate our ZipTour excursion with safety as the top priority. This includes daily, monthly, seasonal and annual inspections of all lines, foundations and equipment. Both local authorities and the zip-line manufacturer have inspected the Sundance ZipTour and have cleared all spans for full operation. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the family of Mrs. Lambe.”

Do you think that Sundance should be held responsible for the freak zip line accident, or was there nothing that could have been done to prevent the tragedy?

[Image via Michel Piccaya/Shutterstock.com]