June 5, 2018
Tiffany Trump Should Be 'Off-Limits' Along With Younger Sibling Barron According To Big Brother Eric

President Donald Trump's younger daughter Tiffany Trump was fairly involved in her father's campaign ahead of the 2016 election, but she has seemingly distanced herself to a great extent since then. As Trump followers know, Tiffany grew up very differently than her older siblings Eric, Don Jr., and Ivanka, due to living in California with her mother Marla Maples. Now in a recent interview, her big brother Eric is coming across as quite protective as he insists that people should leave Tiffany alone.

Tiffany Trump, 24, definitely maintains a lower profile than the three older half-siblings she shares with her father, President Donald Trump. She is spotted at the White House occasionally and Yahoo! Finance details that she joined much of the family for a gathering at Camp David last weekend. Typically, however, she seems to prefer to keep her distance and do her own thing as she attends Georgetown Law School after graduating last spring from the University of Pennsylvania.

While Tiffany Trump typically remains out of the headlines, she does become the focus of stories in the press from time to time. When she split with former boyfriend Ross Mechanic, for example, people spent some time buzzing about the situation, and she has attracted attention at times for her seemingly left-leaning views. According to big brother Eric during a profile done by Westchester Magazine, however, she should get even less attention than she does.

"We are adults; we've developed a bit of an armor, but Barron and Tiffany should be 100 percent off-limits."
Just about everybody, regardless of political leanings, has been consistent in saying that 12-year-old Barron Trump should be off-limits. He is not seen publicly all that often and while there has been a great deal of speculation of late regarding his mother, First Lady Melania, media outlets typically don't say much about the pre-teen.

However, many raise an eyebrow at Eric believing that Tiffany falls under the same umbrella. He may make reference to how he, brother Don Jr., and sister Ivanka are "adults" who have grown a toughness that enables them to ignore the negative press, but some would say that it seems a stretch to equate Tiffany to Barron in terms of tenderness and age.

Is Eric Trump failing to recognize how tough his sister Tiffany Trump is and how well she can handle things on her own? Is the press too tough on her and should she be treated with kid gloves like 12-year-old Barron? So far it doesn't look as if the Georgetown Law School student has commented on what her brother said, which was surely meant well but could potentially be perceived as coming off as a bit condescending.