Facebook’s New Genius Integration Of Messenger And SMS, Is It The Next Best Trend?

Facebook, being the technological pioneer that it was born to be, is constantly throwing new things at us, whether it’s an updated and refreshed look of our mobile app interface or Facebook adding in live display pictures. The fact of the matter is that Facebook is continually growing, and whether you choose to embrace that fact is entirely up to you. However, a decision is needed fast; otherwise, you’ll get left in the dust of the ever-expanding world of social media.

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, the internet and social media will prove to play a major role in the success of whatever venture you’re pursuing. Facebook just wants to make it a little easier for you by integrating things — one step at a time.

As some of you may have noticed by now, Facebook is beta-powering a method of integrating and combining your mobile phone text messages into your Facebook messenger app. I’m not sure if you remember when Facebook began to combine other media platforms such as MSN Messenger, AIM, and Yahoo Messenger. It wasn’t all that long ago.

Ultimately, what happened? The demise of all those social messaging platforms.

As usual, Facebook isn’t in the business of forcing its members into doing anything that they don’t want to be a part of. With that being said, to opt out of the integration between your SMS and Facebook’s messenger app, enter the setting’s tab and toggle the activity switch, and voila! No more integration, and just mirror the process to turn it back on again. But if you’re looking for the major functionality of it, keep in mind to watch your data usage and to understand when you have proper 4G coverage versus 1X unless you’re logged into a Wi-Fi source.

You might be asking yourself right about now if there is some way to differentiate between messages that comes from the Facebook messenger app or if it’s an SMS. There is! Messenger will utilize its traditional blue color scheme while the SMS messages will reflect as purple. The blessed news for the people that are color blind is the ability to toggle what you can view, in terms of “all messages” or “only messenger.”

According to GeekWire, recently, Facebook even issued a statement regarding its new integration.

“At Messenger we are always trying to create new ways for people to communicate seamlessly with everyone. Right now, we’re testing the ability for people to easily bring all their conversations – from SMS and Messenger – to one place. It’s a really simple way to get, see and respond to all your SMS messages in just one app. By choosing to access your SMS messages in Messenger, they’re right alongside all the other enhanced features that Messenger offers.”

According to Forbes, Facebook is leading the internet in terms of social media, standing strong against Twitter and even giving competition to LinkedIn, while outliving Xanga and being the underlying cause for MySpace’s alteration towards the music industry. It’s the integration and will to surpass its peers that give Facebook its extra cutting edge. No other form of social media spends this much time and effort on new ways to make their platform a one-stop shop.

Earlier, the Inquisitr reported on how Facebook was upgrading its advertising style, allowing its marketing customers to target both members and non-members of Facebook. In that article, Facebook reported that a good portion of Facebook’s revenue came from its online advertising.

Maybe the next thing we will notice in upcoming Facebook updates are adverts integrated into the messenger platform. Every time we send a message, maybe we’ll also send a small advertising link!

[Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images]