Lee Kwang Soo: ‘Giraffe’ Of ‘Running Man’ Gives A Hilarious Dance Performance For Producer’s Wedding [Video]

For almost 6 years, Running Man brought six of the most-popular Korean variety show cast members — Yoo Jae Suk, Gary, Haha, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Song Ji Hyo, and Lee Kwang Soo — not only into South Korean homes every first day of the week during the Good Sunday lineup on the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS), but in homes via streaming sites around the world. Over time, millions of Running Man fans learned the intricacies of each cast member’s variety show abilities as well as a little something about their personalities.

Though each cast member stands out in their own way, the one considered to generally be the most-popular outside of Yoo Jae Suk (Master of Ceremonies of the Nation as voted by South Korean netizens), is Lee Kwang Soo. The youngest cast member of Running Man, often nicknamed “Giraffe,” is admired for his comedic antics of betraying his comrades during the show despite being the “unluckiest member” out of the seven. All this helps influence Kwang Soo’s popularity among netizens who teased him during a previous episode when he had to depend on SNS. His state also influences the other Running Man cast members to tease him, too, including Song Ji Hyo ranking him last for “husband potential.”

After all is said and done, Lee Kwang Soo takes all the teasing in stride because, as mentioned earlier, his status has made him not only one of the most-popular cast members on Running Man, but one of the most popular Korean comedians on television. Said popularity has landed him acting roles which include the lead role in K-drama mini-series Puck and a cameo appearance in the first episode of Descendants of the Sun. Kwang Soo is unafraid to bust out the antics of his character; the latest instance happened during the wedding of a producer of Running Man when he gave a hilarious dance performance.

The hilarious dance happened on May 27 during the wedding reception of Running Man producer Kim Joo Hyung, better known as Myuk PD. Sook Haeng, a solo singer who attended the ceremony, recorded the video of Lee Kwang Soo performing his hilarious dance and uploaded it to her official Instagram account, as shown above. The caption Sook Haeng included read, “The day Myuk oppa gets married.”

Soompi followed-up on Lee Kwang Soo’s hilarious dance video, which they called a rather unique wedding present. The source analyzes the dance, and Kwang Soo’s hilarious dance skills are taken with a tone of seriousness as shown on his face while he wildly flails his limbs. Guests and Myuk PD cannot hold their composure as they burst out laughing.

For those who are unfamiliar with the dancing part of Lee Kwang Soo’s character, take note it is wildly popular among South Korean entertainment circles as well as the country’s entertainment fans. He has showed his hilarious dance moves on numerous other K-variety shows besides Running Man, including those he has appeared as a guest for. Kwang Soo even dances during special appearances of K-pop groups’ live performances and even at international events as he has recently displayed at a Singapore press conference.

Ultimately, Lee Kwang Soo’s dance at Myuk PD’s wedding was just him making Myuk PD’s special day even more memorable. It is also expected that Kwang Soo most-likely got Myuk PD a traditional wedding gift for the wedding besides his hilarious dancing.

For those who want to see more of Lee Kwang Soo, he is one of the regular cast members of Running Man. The show airs on the SBS during their Good Sunday lineup at 6:10 pm KST. For those who do not have access to Korean channels, new Running Man episodes are often available for viewing the day after its airing for free, with ads, on streaming sites DramaFever and Viki depending on your region. All previous episodes of Running Man are also available for viewing on said streaming sites as well.

[Image via Screen Capture of Running Man]