The Moon Is An Alien UFO Spaceship Parked In Orbit Around Earth, Conspiracy Theorist David Icke Says [Video]

Former BBC presenter and infamous conspiracy theorist David Icke has claimed in a new video uploaded to YouTube on Sunday (see below) that our Moon, believed to be Earth’s only natural satellite, is in fact a gigantic hollowed-out alien UFO spaceship parked in orbit around Earth by advanced technological aliens.

According to Icke, the theory is supported by astronomers and physicists who have always wondered how the Moon came to be in orbit around Earth, despite the laws of physics which imply it should not be there.

Icke’s theory about the Moon is not new. The idea that the Moon is not a natural satellite of Earth but an artificial object, an alien spaceship parked in orbit around Earth by space-faring technological aliens, is a popular theory in UFO conspiracy theory circles.

The theory is known among its conspiracy theory proponents as the Spaceship Moon Theory, the Artificial Moon Theory or the Hollow Moon Theory, as reported by the Inquisitr.

That hypothesis was apparently first proposed in 1970 by two Russian researchers, Michael Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov, in an essay titled, “Is the Moon the creation of Alien Intelligence?”

The maverick scientists argued that the Moon bears the hallmarks of a natural body reworked by intelligent alien engineers into a hollowed-out artificial structure. They speculated that the alien engineers apparently melted the Moon’s natural solid core and deposited it on the surface to create a structure with a tough outer coating and an underlying artificial shell that protects a hollow interior.

Echoing views already well-established in alien and UFO conspiracy theory circles, Icke argued in the YouTube video uploaded online on May 22, 2016 (see above) that there is strong scientific evidence to prove that the Moon is an alien spacecraft constructed millions of years ago by an alien civilization with technological culture far more advanced than ours.

According to Icke, irrefutable scientific evidence that the Moon is a hollowed-out structure supports the theory that it is a massive alien UFO parked in orbit around Earth.

The hollow interior is thus an alien UFO base or space station.

Icke also argued that scientists have always been puzzled by the unusual size of the Moon. According to Icke, scientists are unable to explain how a small planet such as the Earth was able to capture a massive body as the Moon in its orbit.

Scientific calculations, according to Icke, show that the Moon should be only about 40 miles in diameter, but it is nearly 2,000 miles.

“They [scientists] have no bloody clue where they moon came from and it shouldn’t by physics be there. The Earth not only has a satellite, but it is a giant satellite.”

The Moon’s massiveness makes it a glaring anomaly in our solar system, being effectively a planetoid, according to Icke.

“Some scientists don’t talk about a planet-moon relationship, but a planet-planet relationship — the Moon is bigger than Pluto,” he said. “And then we get the hollow moon, this is what I’m saying and others have said it’s a hollowed out planetoid.”

Notable scientists — such as Isaac Asimov, in his 1974 book Asimov on Astronomy — have also wondered how the Earth was able to capture a body as large as the Moon.

Scientists obtained evidence that the Moon is hollow when they crashed a spacecraft on its surface and it generated an explosion equivalent to a ton of TNT in November 1969, Icke claimed.

Scientists were amazed when sensors showed the shock wave of the impact ringing like a bell or gong, suggesting the Moon was a hollow structure, Icke said.

Interior of a spaceship
The interior of the Moon consists of the engines, control rooms, cabins and power plants of an ancient spaceship, according to conspiracy theorists [Image via Shutterstock]
A subsequent impact by a spacecraft equivalent to more than ten tons of TNT also rang like a gong and the reverberation continued for three hours and two minutes to about 25 miles depth, according to the conspiracy theorist.

Icke was referring specifically to an experiment conducted by the Apollo 12 crew called the Passive Seismic Experiment. They crashed the Apollo 12 Lunar Module on the lunar surface on November 29, 1969. Astronomers and physicists were surprised that the reverberations generated by the crash propagated for nearly an hour.

The experiment was repeated during the 1970 Apollo 13 mission. The impact reportedly created moonquake reverberations that lasted for more than three hours, compared to only a few minutes even during earthquakes.

A NASA document about the experiment remarked that “Nothing comparable happens when objects strike Earth.”

The observation caused a debate among scientists about the nature of the interior of the Moon.

“These two Russian scientists from the Society Academy of Science wrote an article in 1970 in Sputnik magazine in Russia headed, ‘Is the Moon the creation of an alien intelligence?'” Icke continued. “And all these years later it indicates to the fact that they were right.”

Icke went on to argue that the outer shell of the hollow moon is very hard and consists of several substances that do not occur naturally.

“The surface is a poor heat conductor. This space ship of ages long past we call the Moon is superbly constructed,” he said. “If you are going to launch an artificial sputnik, it is advisable to make it hollow.”

The Russian researchers, Vasin and Shcherbakov, had claimed that evidence that the Moon consists of a tough artificial inner shell comes from the observation that craters formed by meteor impacts tend to be shallower than expected, and the bottoms tend to have a convex or flat shape.

This suggests that the inner shell of the Moon is tougher than expected for naturally occurring materials.

The researchers suggested that the Moon’s inner shell was probably about 20 miles thick and protects an inner cavity with an atmosphere that supports alien astronauts.

Other theorists who supported the Artificial Moon Theory include, Don Wilson, author of the 1975 book, Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon, and George H. Leonard, in his 1976 book, Someone Else is On the Moon.

Supporters of the theory often quote NASA scientist Gordon MacDonald, who allegedly said that “[T]he data require that the interior of the Moon is more like a hollow than a homogeneous sphere.”

Others quote MIT’s Sean Solomon who reportedly wrote in a report on the Apollo Passive Seismic Experiments that “the Lunar Orbiter experiments vastly improved our knowledge of the Moon’s gravitational field… indicating the frightening possibility that the Moon might be hollow.”

Icke concluded that everything we know about the Moon suggests intelligent design and that it is an ancient spaceship with a spacious interior that contains the engines, control rooms, cabins and power plants of an ancient spaceship.

The size of the spaceship, according to Icke, suggests it was designed as an interstellar or intergalactic craft capable of accommodating generations of space-faring astronauts wandering across galaxies over millions of years.

Icke, a former footballer, has been a controversial figure since he revealed to the world that he was the “son of the Godhead.” He has been a prominent figure in the conspiracy theory movement, having given many lectures on his outlandish conspiracy theories and written many books promoting his beliefs over more than two decades.

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