What Drought? Donald Trump Claims There Is No Drought In California Ahead Of Primary

With the Californian primary contests now just over a week away, each of the three candidates still remaining in the race is turning their focus to one of the biggest issues currently facing the state in the form of the ongoing drought. However, Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump has found an interesting way to deal with the issue of the Californian drought, by telling supporters that “there is no drought”, saying that he could easily solve the state’s water problem by just turning the taps back on.

According to SFGate, California is currently in the midst of a long drought, with last year capping the state’s driest four-year period, with record low rain and snowfall. However, during a rally, Donald Trump claimed that water in the state was simply being used incorrectly and he could fix that.

Donald Trump told supporters in Fresno, California that state officials are denying water to Central Valley farmers so that it can be sent out to sea “to protect a certain kind of three-inch fish.” Trump went on to complain how ridiculous the situation is, a statement that clearly resonated with supporters in the state. However, it’s a statement that left many claiming that Donald Trump doesn’t have a clue about the real situation in California and is again just making spurious claims.

Donald Trump Claims to Have the Support of Farmers in California

As reported by the Hill, Donald Trump went on the claim that following his election as President of the United States, he’d quickly and easily solve California’s water problem by “opening up the water”. He went on to slam environmentalists for choosing to protect fish over providing water for farmers, saying that he’s met with farmers in the state to discuss the drought.

The presumptive Republican nominee’s views on the long-term Californian drought aren’t too much of a surprise, however. For a good few years, Republican representatives have pushed to have water limitations lifted in the state, but have consistently been blocked by Democrat representatives who cite environmental protection as a more important issue. In California, the issue is one that has waged something of a war between farmers and environmentalists.


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Donald Trump appears to be turning away from Republican specific issues when campaigning now. That’s because he’s effectively wrapped up the Republican nomination and is working on his appeal to voters in California ahead of the general election later this year. However, many are quick to remember Donald Trump’s previous views on climate change, suggesting in the past that it doesn’t exist, simply claiming it to be a conspiracy hatched by China, a country Trump has been incredibly vocal in his opposition against.

For a candidate to flat out deny the existence of such a prominent story would have once effectively marked the end of a campaign. However, with Donald Trump, it appears to have become completely acceptable for candidates to speak their mind, in fact, Donald Trump has built his campaign on doing so.

For Donald Trump, the Republican primary process in California appears to be something of a victory lap. He’s already picked up enough delegates to comfortably secure the Republican nomination, as he continues to use campaign rallies to hurl insults across the aisle towards Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, Clinton will be looking to swiftly wrap up the Democratic nomination so that she can move on to dealing with Donald Trump, however, support for her rival Bernie Sanders remains high and that’s proving problematic for Clinton.

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