Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson: Rumors About Cheryl And Briana’s Greed Won’t Die

Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne are the One Direction best buds and super-songwriters who gave us stellar tracks like “Strong” and “Diana.”

Louis and Liam have promised One Direction fans that they will write together during the hiatus and have a bunch of new material ready for when the band returns.

The heartthrobs are also using the One Direction hiatus to spend time with their stunning brunette girlfriends. Liam Payne is dating pop singer Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, who rose to fame as part of girl band Girls Aloud. Louis Tomlinson is currently jetting around the world with his girlfriend Danielle Campbell, an American actress who stars in The Originals.

But do all the ladies in Louis and Liam’s lives have good intentions?

A provocative new J-14 report claims to have uncovered “proof” that Cheryl is using Liam Payne to become famous in America!

However, the evidence does not completely convince — it amounts to a comment from a single source who apparently said that Cheryl is aware that Liam can help her in America, and claimed that Cheryl wants to be “as big as Adele.”

“Liam [Payne’s] massive in America because of One Direction. After his and Cheryl’s loved-up appearance on the red carpet in Cannes, she’s suddenly in demand…Refusing to respond to questions about the ‘baby bump’ has made her even hotter property, too. Her team’s had calls from US music bosses, casting directors, TV networks and magazines…Cheryl’s always wanted to be huge in the US, and her new relationship is helping her get there. She’s been given a second chance and she’s grabbing it with both hands. She wants to be as big as Adele.”

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail is reporting that a Louis Tomlinson insider has denied the claim that Louis broke his agreement with ex Briana Jungwirth and brought his new girlfriend to Briana’s home.

“Their relationship has hit rock bottom. He is not welcome at Briana or her family’s homes anymore.”

Many outlets reported that Louis was banned from Briana’s home after Jungwirth, who is said to detest the fact that Tomlinson has a new lover, claimed that she saw Danielle Campbell arriving with Louis to collect her son’s baby carrier.

“Things are strained. Now [Louis is] picking up his son in a car park.”

Briana, a Calabasas native, has spoken about her fear that bonding with another woman will “confuse” baby Freddie Reign. Jungwirth has said that she believes passionately in the importance of early infant/mother bonding. Many psychologists agree that infant/mother bonding in early life sets the pattern for an individual’s relationship style for the remainder of life, however some thinkers dispute the importance of this.

The Louis Tomlinson insider who spoke to the Mail flat out denied that Danielle has ever accompanied Louis To Briana’s house.

“Danielle didn’t turn up at the house – she’s never been to the house that Briana and Freddie live in.”

Apparently the Daily Mail source dropped some hints about Briana’s ungratefulness, reporting that Tomlinson has turned down work offers in the U.K. and internationally to be close to his son Freddie.

The source added that Louis is paying for Briana’s home and giving her other financial support, implying that the stylist is being extremely petty, according to the Daily Mail report.

“It’s also a house that Louis pays for – alongside substantial monthly payments. He has even turned down work both in the UK and internationally to stay in LA – so he can be with Freddie.”

Briana, Louis and Danielle continue to receive both support and harassment from the alternately adoring and hostile One Direction fandom.

One person took to Twitter recently to decry the Louis haters, saying that if Louis Tomlinson does not return after the One Direction hiatus it will probably be due to the actions of these “ugly” characters.

Some people have disputed the idea that Briana is the best nurturing figure for Freddie, suggesting that Danielle Campbell would be a better mother for him!

Briana supporters instantly hit back against such notions.

Some people raised questions about whether Briana has been spending Louis Tomlinson’s money in appropriate, motherly ways.

Do you think Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne are being used?

[Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]