Will Domestic Violence Allegations Hurt Johnny Depp’s Career?

The recent news around the alleged physical attack on Amber Heard from Johnny Depp is disturbing given the images shown courtesy of TMZ.

In the image shown in the video, Amber Heard’s right eye is surrounded by marks left from a cell phone he reportedly threw at her during an argument on Saturday May 21.

Now we’re seeing constant developments of news about their separation, their divorce, and the latest which is that she’s asked that a restraining order be put on Johnny Depp, which is just a ew steps away from making an arrest.

Over the span of his career, anyone familiar with news about the actor would know that this isn’t the first time there have been reports about Mr. Depp’s physical antics as he’s been known to destroy property in the past.

Johnny Depp arrested 1994
But this would likely be the first time there’s been evidence of him inflicting injury against a woman, which tends to stick to people more these days than ever before.

This also reveals some hard truths about the actor that will be pointed at here.

The first is that Johnny Depp is too old to pull things like this anymore at the semi-ripe age of 53.

In a report by the BBC about the restrianing order, his wife details what happened.

“She said the actor was high and drunk when the incident occurred and that he pulled her hair, screamed at her, grabbed her face and hit her.”

The last week has certainly been bad for the famous actor, as Inquisitr reported that he lost his mother on May 20, the day before the incident with his wife. It has been reported that his daughter was flying to be with him while he’s in Portugal with his band Hollywood Vampires.

Joe and Johnny Depp hanging out before The Hollywood Vampires Rock in Rio Lisboa sound check yesterday. Photo by: @rosshalfin #RockInRioLisboa #HollywoodVampires #JohnnyDepp #JoePerry @rockinriolisboa #RossHalfin

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Certainly, there’s plenty here that could point out why Depp may have been in this “dark state” and lashing out and as a result, Amber Heard is in immediate fear of retaliation.

“I live in fear that Johnny will return to (our house) unannounced to terrorize me, physically and emotionally.”

Johnny Depp has also been known to enjoy his bacon and of course, his booze.

If he were to go down the road of famous stars who make the kind of money he does from his movies, he should perhaps settle for rehabilitation to get away from one substance or the other, should he feel that they’re not helping.

The second point would be around just how long he’s been riding that streak of success and how women find him attractive.

Certainly, the accusation that he beats women is unbecoming and doesn’t read well in the tabloids. Given the recent developments in his life, again, society will perhaps be lenient on him and give him a free pass.

Johnny Depp fans wait for star during Lone Ranger premiere, 2013
Or they could be disgusted at him every time they see him on the big screen.

Currently, there is a lot of marketing for him as the mad hatter in Through The Looking Glass, the sequel to Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland.

He’s also completed a new Pirates Of The Caribbean movie, which is one of Hollywood’s largest franchises next to the likes of Harry Potter and Peter Jackson’s Hobbit/Lord Of The Rings movies, and those franchises are not to be trifled with.

Johnny Depp is currently worth an estimated $400 million dollars, which is more than another heavy-hitter Robert Downey Jr., who was also in the news at some point in his career for doing questionable things.

So given today’s climate about these kinds of social issues, it’s hard to know if this is going to blow over or if it’s going to hurt Mr. Depp’s career.

Will studios take a stand against Johnny Depp? Will other actors or directors withdraw from him? Or is it possible that people in general will see him as human and flawed as the rest of us?

Clarification made, grammar and spelling corrected. [11:30 pm – 05-28-2016]

[Image by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP]