Paul Ryan: Obama Presiding Over ‘Debt, Doubt, and Decline’

Vice-Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan made a last speech before appearing in Tampa for the Republican National Convention, and he used the opportunity to slam the current White House for it policies which he says lead the country down the road of “debt, doubt, and decline.”

Speaking to Fox News, Ryan tried to draw a contrast between the Republican ticket and the current President saying:

“The contrast between the President Obama plan, which has put us (down the road of) debt, doubt and decline, versus Mitt Romney’s vision and solutions for a better future, to get us back to prosperity, couldn’t be clearer and what we want to do is highlight those contrasts.”

Ryan mentioned the Tax Policy Center study, which said that Romney’s tax plan would raise taxes on the lower and middle classes, saying:

“It’s not an accurate study, it’s actually not a study of the actual Romney plan. The Tax Policy Center stated in its analysis that they do not score Romney’s plan “directly” since “certain components of his plan are not specified in sufficient detail. We want to get rid of the corporate welfare, the crony capitalism stuff in the tax code,” Ryan said. “But we want Congress to participate in a transparent debate, in front of the public eye, so we can have a really good debate about how best to broaden the tax base and lower tax rates.”

Ryan also tried to woo supporters of Libertarian leaning Ron Paul to the ticket saying:

“We see eye to eye on a lot of issues and believe in some … limited government. We believe in academic freedom. We believe in the founding principles. We believe that this is a watershed moment for America, whether or not we’re going to reclaim the American idea or we’re going to become, you know, a cradle-to-the-grave welfare state, which is where I think the president is taking us. So I think, in the final analysis, Ron is clearly going to — he and his supporters should be very comfortable with us. At the end of the day, it’s a choice between the president’s failed leadership, the big government that he’s offering, the borrowing that he’s offering, the spending and the regulating that he’s offering, which will give us a stagnant economy, a lost generation, not just a lost decade, and the Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan plan of reclaiming our founding principles, getting back to economic freedom and liberty and reviving this economy.”

The Republican National Convention kicks off today after a one day delay due to Hurricane Isaac.