Zayn Malik: One Hell Of A Footwear Style To Match A Successful Solo Career

Zayn Malik has been playing his cards well and it shows. The One Direction breakaway boy seems to be making all the right moves, the latest one being wearing a different shoe for each foot. Based on all current news regarding the British heartthrob, Zayn Malik’s year is now.

Is it just a coincidence or is it a well-hatched plan that One Direction is still in a deep and self-imposed hiatus? Regardless, Zayn has played like an excellent football player by covering all the bases. And just exactly how he has done everything by himself will probably be one big mystery for a very long time unless Zayn Malik chooses to speak about it.

Zayn Malik’s departure from boy band extraordinaire One Direction in March last year was one bold step. Admittedly, it hurt a lot of people, and broke a lot of hearts, too. Yet taking an unpopular step when the rest of the world says no is the hallmark of a real man.

It is no secret that he felt like a sore thumb being a part of One Direction from the very beginning — although he didn’t stand out like a sore thumb — there’s a difference. And Zayn Malik was fair enough to stick with the band in all its five years of glory, doing what he said he didn’t like doing. And what was it he didn’t like doing exactly?

Well, he wasn’t really a group player to begin with, Malik admits. As he made it clear to the whole world, he likes the idea of disappearing and being in solitude from time to time in order to escape the excessive media glare. And Zayn swears that his mom knows this to be true, from his childhood or was it boyhood?

Clearly, there is no shame in Zayn admitting that he is a casual loner or that his privacy bubble needs respecting. After all, his fans know only too well that Zayn Malik can find his own woman on his own. Belle Amie, Pearl Edwards, and now Gigi Hadid.

Only this time, it looks like it’s really for keeps, what with all that pillow talk and hiding under the sheets going on. And who can forget the stunt that the power couple recently pulled at the 2016 Met Gala?

No doubt about it, Zayn was his old band’s ladies’ man and add to that the distinction as the unabashed bad boy of the all-male crew. Zayn Malik would tarnish One Direction’s squeaky clean image with that infamous trip to Peru, according to Daily Mail. But on second thought, did Zayn Malik really tarnish it, or did he elevate it? After all, he was the one in the group with the most tattoo.

In 2011, Zayn Malik was ranked number 27 in Glamour’s list of the world’s 100 sexiest men. By this year, Mighty Malik has already moved to number five. What’s next, only Gigi Hadid can tell.

Solo career-wise, Zayn’s first single, “PILLOWTALK” from his breakaway album Mind Of Mine has done splendidly well, to say the least. At this point in time, no one knows for sure how well the second single, “Like I Would,” would do in the market. But like it or not, the music artist known as Zayn has built an album from the ground up and also managed to infuse it with his own style. It’s a where Pop meets R&B, with a shot of Bollywood and Pakistani high notes.

And we haven’t even talked about the shoes yet. Yes, the one that Time cannot stop writing about, as follows.

“If deciding what shoes to wear in the mornings is a daily struggle for you, fear not — Zayn Malik has a nifty solution: buck convention and wear one of each. The 23-year-old singer and boy band exile stepped out in one black boot and a coordinating single black Yeezy Boost while on a hike in Malibu this week.”

In conclusion, since breaking away from One Direction, Zayn Malik has been immensely successful; so successful, in fact, that we are beginning to suspect a conspiracy. We just can’t stop ourselves from asking, is this the plan all along?

And with the boys all asleep, err, in a self-imposed hiatus, was that a calculated attempt to give Zayn Malik, the breakaway boy all the ammunition he needs to take the music industry by storm. Because if it is, well, it is definitely working.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]