Drake Meek Mill Response: 5 Ways Drizzy Already Replied

Drake’s response to Meek Mill has come in multiple ways. However, Drizzy didn’t make them “in your face.” Rather, you have to pay attention.

As you know, in the months following Drake and Meek Mill’s initial diss tracks, there was a certain silence from the DreamChasers executive after Drizzy’s “Back to Back” song. Instead of saying what he’d do to Meek, Drake simply pointed out real-life situations and questions many people had on their minds concerning Mill and his personal as well as professional life.

After taking a short hiatus from the Drake beef, Meek decided it was time to come back full-throttle with various songs and diss tracks. And that brings you to today — almost a year later. If you remember, Drake released “Back to Back” on July 22, 2015. In less than two months, its anniversary will have passed.

So, while everyone is awaiting Drake’s response to Mill’s latest “All the Way Up” remix, it’s important to pay attention to detail. Although you don’t hear it audibly, Drake’s “All the Way Up” verse is playing loud and clear, simultaneously. For instance, through worldwide television broadcast, Drake made a parody of his own Meek Mill diss via Saturday Night Live (SNL).

[Disclaimer: The following video contains explicit content. Viewer discretion is advised.]

Drake – Back to Back Parody

However, to give adequate clarification regarding Drizzy’s subtle responses to all of Meek Mill’s recent diss tracks, here are five ways that Drake has already replied to the DreamChasers executive, many times over.

1. “Stay humble. The best revenge is your paper.”

If you recall Beyoncé’s lasting lyrics at the end of “Formation,” the Bey-hive queen stated the aforementioned quote. This is not to say that Meek Mill isn’t getting his paper. It’s evident that the DreamChaser executive is making money — “stacks on deck.” Meek Mill did just win Billboard‘s “Rap Album of the Year.” However, it’s not “OVO” money. On top of his music endeavors, Drake has a lot of enterprising ventures simultaneously happening.

From acting to music, restaurants to store chains, clothing apparel to alcohol, Drake’s money doesn’t appear to be “funny.” Just like any entrepreneurial mind, Drizzy is assuring that he’s set — as well as those around him. On top of that, Drake’s nominations were surprise mixtapes, not studio albums.

According to Vulture, Drake’s Views album sold 1 million copies in its first week. It didn’t take a month; it didn’t take a quarter. It took less than seven calendar days. Multiply 1 million by $13.99. That, in itself, is a response to Meek Mill’s “All the Way Up” track.

2. “Time is relative.”

Drake is spread quite thin when it comes to time. Likewise, “Time is money,” right — as the cliché mentions? Drake’s music and other business endeavors take precedence over the ever-lasting beef with Meek Mill. And, while Drizzy found time to address the situation, around this time last year, it’s probably no longer in his interest to address the same circumstance again. With all of Drake’s music and entrepreneurial ventures, it’s surprising that he finds time to breathe. The fact that Drake doesn’t have the time to mess with Meek Mill on that level is, in itself, a response to his “War Pain” track.

3. “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”

Drake’s “Back to Back” track already proved that he has far more support than Meek Mill. In essence, although Drake’s song may not have been the most lyrically savvy when it comes to battle rap, his execution was undeniable, unprecedented, and will go down in battle rap history — possibly as “Most Innovative.”

While people love drama, times have changed. Unfortunately, cyber-bullying is a serious issue, and Drake tapped into it as a method to advance his comeback. Not only did Drake’s “Back to Back” body Meek Mill’s response, but it also got everyone involved. Meek’s name was dragged across the internet, starting from his Wikipedia page, filtering over onto social media and forums.

Mill was cyber-bullied and still gets meme’d with “L’s” today, nearly a year later. Take a minute to think about that. Does Drake ever really need to respond to Meek Mill again? The damage is done.

Drake’s song influence even jumped offline. Restaurants got in the action and were promoting burgers by saying their beef was of better quality than Meek’s.

Even church organizations rode the wave by bringing up the beef in their sermons.

People love a good roast. And Drake took full advantage of that dynamic and ensured it was roasted with honey.

4. Drake is fully mainstream

Drake’s connections are possibly as deep as the Laurentian abyss. If you’re wondering, that’s where the U.S. Navy supposedly buried “Megatron.” All jokes aside, Drake just hosted Saturday Night Live for the second time. Not only did he host it, but he also appeared in most sketches and performed music from his Views album, twice — as if Drake didn’t already have enough publicity going for the project.

Then, Drizzy comes out with “Tiny Drake.” The figure popped up via various major-network talk shows, including Ellen DeGeneres and The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

Tiny Drake on Ellen

Tiny Drake on The Tonight Show

Likewise, you might even spot it sitting on top of some establishments or signs in your area since the figure is available for purchase.

Seemingly, the only person within Meek Mill’s network with a similar type of clout is Nicki Minaj. However, that particular fact was the point of Drake’s “Back to Back” song. You know, “Is that a ‘World Tour’ or your girl’s tour?”

Drake’s notoriety is an everyday response to Meek Mill’s diss songs. He even received a “plug” from Taylor Swift for Apple Music, after which Drake’s album sales boosted that much more.

5. “Sometimes, silence is the appropriate response.”

The aforementioned statement explains itself and is relative to the first reason. Drake hasn’t responded to Meek Mill’s continual instigation since he released “Back to Back.” Sure, he’s made a subtle mention or two regarding the situation, but they weren’t fully dedicated works toward Meek. Drake’s “Summer Sixteen” and “Pop Style” didn’t specifically mention any names. However, many believe there were a few lines that referred to Mill.

However, that’s practically it. Drake chooses to remain silent on the matter. The Toronto mogul already gained a significant win over Meek once and showed the entire world his trophy. Is there any need to do it again? Drake responds to Meek Mill daily without responding.

Nevertheless, what are your thoughts regarding the Drake and Meek beef? Feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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