WWE News: WWE Superstar Sasha Banks Passes Concussion Testing, Cleared To Return To The Ring

WWE Superstar Sasha Banks might be considered one of the top female wrestlers in the world. To some, she is the best overall female talent out there, while others put her in the top five. You normally don’t hear here fall much further than that with people who know the world of pro-wrestling. Due to how good she has been, she has built quite a following in her WWE career. Despite being heel for the last few years, Banks was getting cheers all the time. WWE then decided to turn her to see how things would go.

It not only worked, but fans now cheer for her even when she’s not on the card. They want more of her, but WWE has used her sparingly this past year. Earlier in the year, she hurt her knee a bit and was out for a small period of time due to the issue. When she came back, she was better than ever with fans wanting her even more than before. After WrestleMania 32, she missed time yet again, not for any sort of injury, but because WWE wanted her to miss television time to build to a long-term story apparently.

On top of this, the rivalry that WWE sort of threw our way involved Summer Rae. Sadly, rumor has it that Summer got hurt soon into the rivalry so Banks was left with nothing to do. Summer recently returned to the ring. Meanwhile, she was still working live events up to a little over a week ago when a referee accidentally hit Sasha in the head with his knee. It was then said that Banks had a concussion. However, it seemed to be relatively minor, as Banks was set to see specialists this weekend to do the concussion testing.

Sasha NXT Takeover
According to Ringside News, Sasha Banks met with doctors recently and passed all the tests needed to return to the ring. Apparently, she didn’t want to wait until the weekend. If she suffered a concussion originally, the fact that she passed all tests to return means it had to be minor. She will be returning to the ring this weekend for WWE live events in Winnipeg and LaCrosse. There is no word on if she will return to television this week yet, but there is a thought that she may do so.

There were plans in place for Sasha Banks to have some sort of match at the WWE Money in the Bank PPV. When she went down to injury, it was unknown if she would get the chance to work the PPV. Now that she has passed all the tests needed to return, she will most likely get a chance to work a match there. If that it the ultimate plan, then she would need to return to television this upcoming week.

There are rumors that Vince McMahon has soured on Sasha due to her recent injuries and the thought that she might be too injury prone; comparisons have been made to Daniel Bryan due to the fact Sasha only knows one speed. That speed is all out, and Banks doesn’t want to slow down. That reportedly makes McMahon a bit worried that she may turn out like Bryan, eventually, due to how she works.

Banks WM32
This would not make much sense, as McMahon has seen a great deal of his roster go down to injuries in the past year, most of the injuries resulting in 6 to 8 months of missed time. Meanwhile, Sasha Banks has missed only short periods of time with minor issues, and not a one even being her fault. Banks clearly cannot be blamed for a referee’s mistake that resulted in her injury.

That’s why we can probably write this one off as nothing special. We can probably assume that Banks will change her style up a bit to where she takes less risk, but that is unknown at this time. It has also been WWE’s decision to have Banks off of television for the last little while, even before she got hurt. The rare use of Banks has made no sense to most.

If they start to use her more soon, we can imagine that if McMahon soured on her at all, she will win him over once she works again. As of now, the plan is for Sasha Banks to win the WWE Women’s Championship at WWE SummerSlam, where she would beat Charlotte. WWE has been very big on trying to keep them away from each other since WrestleMania to build up to this in a big way.

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