Secret Service Investigating Blogger Who Created ‘Kill Mitt Romney’ Facebook Page

A Philadelphia blogger behind a Facebook page titled “Kill Mitt Romney” is currently under investigation by the Secret Service. The Kill Mitt Romney Facebook page was taken down on Monday, 17 days after it was created. The Philadelphia blogger, Joshua Scott Albert, is also reportedly responsible for Facebook pages supporting two alleged cop killers as well as a page about Paul Ryan, Fox News reports.

The Kill Mitt Romney Facebook page garnered 27 “likes,” the Washington Free Beacon notes. Philadelphia blogger Joshua Albert could face prosecution if the Secret Service determines the Kill Mitt Romney page instituted a true threat and was not just a cruel lark.

“We are aware of it and we are taking appropriate investigative steps. People have a right to free speech, but we have to determine what their intent is,” Secret Service representative Ed Donovan stated during an interview with Fox News.

Joshua Albert was previously employed as a restaurant worker. The Philadelphia blogger penned the Staph Meal blog which criticized the restaurant industry before creating the Kill Mitt Romney Facebook page.

The Philadelphia blogger is also credited with creating the “I Support Chancier McFarland and Rafael Jones” Facebook page. Both McFarland and Jones were charged with shooting Philadelphia police officer Moses Walker Jr. during an August 18 robbery. The accused cop killers allegedly followed the police officer and shot him three times. The Facebook page, which published photos of mutilated police officer’s bodies, was removed from the internet on Sunday.

Albert maintains he created the cop killer support Facebook page for the purpose of social commentary and not as an attempt to become famous. Joshua Albert could be charged with making terroristic threats or harassment if the investigation into the Kill Mitt Romney Facebook page concludes a threat to do harm did exist.