The Final Primaries And Bernie Sanders: Latest Polls Predict A Strong Finish

Time seems to be a good thing for Bernie Sanders, the U.S. Senator from Vermont, who has awakened the masses in the name of political revolution.

The more time that passes, the more people come to support him – and in some cases – to declare their love for him.

There are seven primaries left, and most polls indicate that California is the one to watch.

Here are the poll numbers, according to data from the Associated Press.

Bernie Sanders is ahead in three of the remaining seven primaries, and he is closing in on California – a state with 475 delegates at stake.

Hillary Clinton is ahead in the other three. Therefore, if Sanders can pull off those three where he is currently polling strongly, and take the Golden State of California, he will win four of the seven final primaries.

In California, Bernie has come from far behind to be in a "virtual dead-heat" with Clinton – 46 percent to Sanders' 44 percent, as reported in the Mercury News.

"Fueled by independents and younger voters fed up with both parties, Bernie Sanders has clawed his way back from a seemingly insurmountable deficit to draw nearly even with Hillary Clinton in California, a new poll finds less than two weeks before the Golden State's primary."
Montana is feeling the Bern, giving a 21 percent lead to Sanders over Clinton.

North Dakota is delivering the same good news to Sanders – a 21 percent lead.

South Dakota is a close race, but still gives Sanders a three-and-a-half percent lead.

New Mexico could be a fifth win for Sanders. Polls show Bernie is down by 15 percent, which is within reach for him when his come-from-behind history is taken into account, considering that Bernie has come from further behind to end up winning in other states.

New Jersey and the District of Columbia are headed for Hillary in a way that is likely insurmountable for Bernie Sanders.

Bernie's positive polling numbers come amid concert-sized crowds screaming support at his rallies. This is in stark contrast to Hillary Clinton, who has only been drawing gatherings in the hundreds.

These polls are the backdrop to the latest news that the state department's Inspector General strongly criticized Hillary Clinton for her handling of emails while she served as Secretary of State.

The "mainstream media," that Bernie supporters have long criticized for seeming to report in favor of Clinton, has taken a stronger tone with the announcement of the Inspector General's report.

NBC, for example, reported that what Clinton has been saying about how she has done nothing wrong is not backed up by the Inspector General's report.

"The State Department's auditors challenge some of the fundamental assertions Clinton has been making about why her use of personal email for government business was not improper."
And all of this has been topped in the news by the suggestion that Bernie Sanders may debate Donald Trump. This topic is drawing a lot of attention as such a debate would be unconventional, since the primaries are not yet over.
The mainstream media is heavily reporting about the potential Sanders-Trump debate as well. MSN said the following.
"Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders could be heading to an unconventional face-off in California, after the two presidential candidates expressed an interest in squaring off in a one-on-one debate... That would leave Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton on the sidelines in another bizarre twist to an unconventional election season."
Hillary Clinton has declined to debate Bernie Sanders.
Without scandals to pull him down, Bernie Sanders is galloping into the final seven primaries while polling strong, rallying huge crowds, and challenging Donald Trump to a debate.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]