Khloe Kardashian Files For Divorce From Lamar Odom Once Again

Khloe Kardashian called off her divorce from Lamar Odom when he fell unconscious in a Las Vegas brothel last October. Their divorce was supposed to be final in just two weeks. Khloe never admitted to being back with Lamar again, but instead shared that this way she could make medical decisions for him. Khloe was able to help Lamar through a really hard time in his life, but now the divorce is back on again.

TMZ revealed that Khloe has filed for divorce once again. On a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloe admitted that she still wanted to divorce Lamar and if they ever worked it out then they needed a new marriage and to start over once again.

Khloe used Laura Wasser as her lawyer and filed for divorce Thursday, and she said the reason is irreconcilable differences. Khloe and Lamar do have a prenup and when they figured out their divorce plans the first time they had already decided on who got what property. This means that this time around the divorce for Lamar and Khloe should go pretty smoothly. It just won’t happen right away.

Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian live in California and in that state it is required that it takes at least six months for a divorce to be final after you file it. This means that Khloe and Lamar will be married for at least six more months. Reports are that Lamar knew she was going to file, so this shouldn’t be anything that upsets him too much. Khloe was smart enough to make sure he knew and not do something that would upset Lamar.

Reports are out that Lamar Odom has been spotted drinking again. This could have been the final straw with Khloe. She wants him to stay on the right track and have his life together. TMZ shared photos earlier this month of Lamar that show that he had a drink in his hand. He was at the Beverly Center Sunday afternoon, and while Lamar’s friend shopped for shoes, he ended up in the bar. Lamar was seen drinking Cognac.

Lately, Khloe Kardashian has been posting a lot of cryptic quotes on her social networks. This had her fans wondering what was going on, but E! Online shared that Khloe says the quotes don’t really mean anything at all. Khloe shared all of the details on her website today.

“One of the biggest misconceptions about me is that the quotes I post on Instagram are deep insights into my problems. I don’t only post quotes when I’m going through something. Quotes are allowed to move you and make you feel a certain way—it doesn’t mean that you even have to have experienced what the quote is referencing. That’s what poetry is all about! 95 percent of my quotes are just things that move me and make me feel good.”

You never know if Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom will find a way to work out their problems. Right now, these two are filing for divorce, but it is obvious that she is still in his life. Lamar has been seen on the current season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. You will continue to see him this season, but remember this was filmed a while ago. Some fans still hold out hope that Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian will find a way to make their relationship work.

Are you shocked to hear that Khloe Kardashian has filed for divorce from Lamar Odom for the second time? Did you think that these two would work it out? Sound off in the comments and don’t miss new episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians on Sunday nights on E!.

[Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images]