Apple iPad mini To Be Announced During October Event [Report]

If you were hoping to check out the Apple iPad mini during Apple’s September press conference you are probably out of luck. Several corroborating reports are now suggesting that Apple will wait until October to unveil the iPad mini.

Apple will unveil the iPhone 5 and then begin selling the new generation of the smartphone shortly afterwards. Several sources at AllThingsD say the device will be called the ‘iPad mini’ and that it will feature a 7.85-inch display instead of Apple’s current 9.7-inch option found on the full size Apple iPad. The new mini tablet will also feature the same resolution as the iPad 2 with thickness and size specs similar to Android tablets already available on the market.

If already established rumors are correct the Apple iPad mini will also feature a slimmed down dock connector that takes the 30-pin interface down by nearly half or more.

Another rumor emerged this week when a Chinese website showed what it claimed to be a camera and microphone on the rear facing panel of a suspected iPad mini device.

With leaks seemingly appearing on a daily basis it is likely that Apple will work quickly to remedy the situation and get the device onto the open market as soon as possible.

As we recently reported iPad mini production is expected to hit 4 million units per month starting in September, a good sign that Apple will announce and likely release the iPad mini for sale in October 2012.

With the holiday shopping season right around the corner we’ll assume its safe to believe that the iPad mini will arrive in time for the holiday shopping season which traditionally begins in October and picks up speed leading up to Black Friday.