WWE News: Big Update On When WWE NXT Superstar Bayley Will Be Brought Up The Main Roster

WWE NXT Superstar Bayley is one of the many names out of NXT that fans cannot wait to see on the main roster. Along with Finn Balor, we’ve heard conflicting reports on when Bayley will arrive on the main roster. However, it has not come in the extreme measures we’ve seen it happening with Balor. Bayley is a member of what fans called the 4 Horsewomen of WWE, which features Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch, along with herself.

When Bayley did not come up with the other girls last year, it was a big bummer for WWE fans to not see her make her main roster debut. However, it all made sense. She was about to win the NXT Women’s Championship, and she was the only girl on the roster that had any name value. Now WWE has helped her with adding Asuka to the mix. The problem is that NXT has to build someone up to take Bayley’s spot before she can go, right?

That was the original idea, as the company wanted to bring her up to the main roster but her need was higher in NXT. Now, plans may have shifted just a bit for her. According to Daily Wrestling News, the plan as of now is to keep her on NXT just a little while longer before then having her debut sometime near WWE SummerSlam. With the news of the brand split on Wednesday, these plans may have shifted again with the company planning to debut her even sooner than this.

Asuka Bayley
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With the plan to bring her in around August already rumored, to then have her debut in mid-July would not be a shocker at all as they may want her involved in the WWE Draft or would want her to debut on one of the live shows the following week. There is a rumor that WWE will have the Women’s Championship defended on one show instead of having the champion travel between both, which is still rumored.

If this were to occur, Bayley would go to the show where the title was defended and not be on the opposite show. The reason for this is that WWE has the Four Horsewomen under the category of “wrestler,” and due to this, they all will be involved in the major women’s matches from now into the future. The others will not be involved as often, if at all. While the company is fine with having the likes of Lana, Naomi, and Eva Marie compete… they fit in more as pretty entertainers and not as much as wrestlers.

While they are perfectly cool to keep around, the fans don’t take them seriously as competitors like they do with Banks, Lynch, Charlotte, and Bayley. The company will continue to add both to their roster as the years go on. However, ultimately WWE has to categorize women and the female workers like Sasha Banks are more than open about telling you what category they are when you bring it up.

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When it comes to Bayley, the company has gone back and forth with bringing her up in the past. The rumor was that she would debut the night after WrestleMania 32, in fact, but that did not occur. We know now why it did not, and it makes total sense. However, the company still has the same problem in June that they may have in July or August, when they plan to debut Bayley on the main roster.

If the WWE wants to solve this issue, they will go after some top female talent around the world. While the likes of Athena are in the company now, she has not been established much, if at all, right on the program. One also may not solve the problem WWE has, as Bayley was a product from years of work with the NXT brand. No one can truly replace her, but the company can bring in a big name that will at least be of some value to the roster.

Nikki Storm was a recent signing, which might help. On top of that, WWE is rumored to be “aggressively” targeting a lot of people from around the world. Do not be surprised if the WWE brings in some top female performers between now and August. It would make a lot of sense for them to do so now more than ever. Bayley will surely be missed, but the NXT brand can move on much easier with top female workers coming in.

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