Kailyn Lowry And Javi Marroquin Divorce Confirmed, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Couple Splits Before Third Wedding Anniversary

Kailyn Lowry has been denying and dodging rumors of a divorce for what seems like months. Teen Mom 2 fans have watched as her marriage to Javi Marroquin has all but literally dissolved in front of their eyes.

The couple became engaged in 2012 and got married the following year. Lowry has been struggling to take care of both her children amid Marroquin’s deployment. Things weren’t great before he left, and they have been getting worse as shown during calls between him and Lowry on Teen Mom 2.

There have been various reports that Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin would be working through things when he returned from his deployment in Qatar. She had planned a family vacation for when he returned and showed it off on social media. All of that has been short-lived, and reality is setting in.

According to Us Weekly, Kailyn Lowry has confirmed she will be divorcing Javi Marroquin. There were not many details available. It is unclear who asked for the divorce, though speculation is leaning toward Kailyn. Things started getting rocky after she suffered a miscarriage. Javi was not as supportive as she had hoped, and after the loss, he was deployed pretty quickly. They never really had time to work through issues, and the time apart made it easier to stay mad at one another and play the blame game.

Rumors began swirling that Kailyn Lowry was seeing one of her ex-boyfriends while Javi Marroquin was away. When the Teen Mom 2 girls got together for the reunion a few weeks ago, there was some talk that Lowry had been seeing an old friend. He came forward and Kailyn played dumb like they had not hung out while she was on the west coast. Lowry isn’t known for being incredibly faithful, and rumor has it that Marroquin thinks something happened between the two. While no one knows for sure, there have been some questionable things done on Javi’s end as well. It seems these two were going tit for tat, and finally, it all came to a head.

The two have been publicly fighting on social media, with Kailyn Lowry unfollowing Javi Marroquin at one point. This was huge news for the couple because they were doing everything they could to make sure they stayed in touch while the deployment was taking place. Lowry’s son, Isaac, is incredibly attached to Javi. This divorce news is going to be hard for him to take, especially since the deployment has been a nightmare. Teen Mom 2 fans watched as Isaac cried and sobbed when Marroquin left. Since then, Kailyn has been allowing him to Facetime with him while he is away. The son they share together, Lincoln, is only a toddler and has no clue what is happening.

Last night and this morning were rough. But both are feeling better ????

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Waiting on Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin to announce their divorce has been painful for viewers who just knew it was coming. The signs have been there for months, despite their best efforts to keep things civil and out of the media. Lowry will continue on with her routine of raising her boys. She currently has a decent relationship with Isaac’s dad, Jo Rivera, but it may be a hard battle with Marroquin for Lincoln.

Fans are sad to see the couple split after almost three years of marriage, but it was definitely not a shock. Teen Mom 2 has documented the couple’s ups and downs, and there have been relationship issues since the beginning. While it may not have been Lowry’s sole decision to split up, she has been the one who seems to be less happy within the marriage. Fans wish Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin the best as they go down the path of living separate lives.

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