Ginger Zee Welcomed Home By ‘GMA’ Crew, Says She Is Grateful For ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Opportunity

Many celebrities that decide to go on Dancing with the Stars always seem to come out of it saying that the experience has taken them on an emotional journey. Add Ginger Zee to that growing list as she talked about her own unique experience with her pro partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, on Good Morning America the day after the finale. The meteorologist was welcomed home by her fellow co-hosts and staff who have been cheering her on these past three months.

Ginger and Val came in third place on the Tuesday night finale, which isn’t too shabby for a “science girl,” as she calls herself. The twosome sat down on Wednesday’s GMA to chat about how she feels now that her dancing stint is over. Also sitting with them were mirror ball winners Nyle DiMarco and Peta Murgatroyd, and Paige VanZant and Mark Ballas, who danced their way into second place.

Zee realized just what a toll it would be on her physically, but she had no idea how much of an emotional journey that she would be on during these past 12 weeks. She talked about how the experience allows you to grow and that she is now much stronger than ever.

“I’m so much stronger, more confident than I’ve ever been. And I have Val to thank for that, I have my family, my husband, my baby, it really changed who I am and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be next to all these amazing people.”

As for Val, he told the GMA hosts that he actually envies them that they get to see her every day now that she is back home. It is obvious how much he will miss spending time with her. Ginger Zee has that special spark in her that he adores. Even the three judges loved her zest for life and also noticed how much she has grown since day one on the show. Chmerkovskiy called Ginger a great role model for others as well.

Thank you a million times @iamvalc #teamginandjuice #foreverfriends

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Not only will Ginger Zee be back Thursday morning bringing the most recent weather conditions to viewers, but she is also back to to her sweet life with her husband, Ben Aaron, and baby boy Adrian. Ben has been seen in the Dancing with the Stars audience pretty much every week cheering his wife on. He has been her biggest cheerleader.

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Another faithful cheerleader has been her mom, Dawn Zuidgeest-Craft. She was on live video chat from Los Angeles during Good Morning America bragging on how proud she is of her daughter. She also mentioned that she was even a tad bit jealous of her.

“Last night when she redid that one piece with Val, I saw it at home, it was absolutely beautiful but I was breathless. I watched her body not just fly but engage with Val so much and I was so impressed. She just had a peace about her face that I didn’t see the first time. It was so amazing to watch and I was jealous, I wanted to be Val’s arms.”

Ginger’s mom was also asked which one of her daughter’s performances was her favorite. She said that the one she loved the most was Zee’s rendition of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She explained that she finally got to be a princess.

It may have been Zee’s favorite as well. It was noted by People during Disney week that she told reporters how much she enjoyed portraying Belle that night.

“For 20 years, I’ve wanted to be Belle. And tonight, I got to live out a dream.”

It sounds like the whole 12 weeks on Dancing with the Stars has been a dream for Ginger Zee. She not only learned that she can be a good dancer, but she has now got a new best friend in Val Chmerkovskiy.

Which Ginger and Val performance was your favorite?

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