‘The Flash’ Season 2 Finale: The Race With Zoom Ends In An Unexpected Twist [Spoilers]

The Flash‘s Season 2 finale has aired, and it mirrors the finale of the first season on some levels. This is the episode where Barry Allen is set to race Zoom, also known as the man who imprisoned a mystery man in an iron mask, or face dire consequences.

It was hinted in Season 1 that Cisco Ramon had a power, but it wasn’t revealed until Eobard Thawne, masquerading as Harrison Wells, confronted him and “killed” him. This was right before Barry attempted to stop a massive tidal wave from destroying the city and accidentally went back in time during the attempt, and prevented Cisco from being killed. After this, Cisco started having spells where he could see what could have been, but it wasn’t until Season 2 that we learned it was a power he’d developed.


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There are spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t seen it yet, you might want to stop reading here.

In Season 2 of The Flash, Cisco’s metahuman ability has come to be of use. He has the ability to create breaches, or portals into an alternate world, making him one of a new wave of good metahumans who fight the headaches that Barry Allen combats regularly on his own. The Season 2 finale makes use of Cisco’s power, using vibrations to open breaches, and uses it against Barry’s new rival, Zoom.

The final episode of Season 1 had Barry racing around the particle accelerator in an attempt to create a breach, through which he would have a limited time to prevent his mother’s murder at the hands of Thawne. A similar race was done in The Flash‘s Season 2 finale, as Barry was forced to stop Zoom from completing his 500 laps around the magnetar, essentially charging it and destroying everything in all alternate versions of Earth. The goal was to have his own dimension be the only one left, and he would rule it.

Everybody but Barry feels this is a trap, but The Flash insists. Hence the whole team heads to the magnetar and prepares to destroy it, only to find out it’s rigged against tampering. Joe attempts to use his collar launcher to dampen Zoom’s powers, but it jams. Instead, he holds the tranquilizer darts, jumps out, and slams them into his shoulder, bringing the villain to his knees. After this, Dr. Wells shoots Zoom directly in the chest and knocks him through a breach.

Sadly, in an ironic twist, Zoom grabs Joe and takes him through the breach with him. Learning of his father’s fate, Wally West releases Barry, now furious and intent on stopping Zoom at any cost.

This is where the Flash Season 2 finale gets complicated, as there are three versions of The Flash all working together against the villain. One of them sacrifices himself to save the multiverse, while another one ends up going back to the point where his mother was murdered, and kills Reverse Flash.

This means that everything which happened in The Flash Season 2 has been undone.

Of course, the biggest twist of them all is when we finally see who the man in the iron mask really is, the moment when Barry decides to kill Reverse Flash. He turns out to be Jay Garrick, Earth Three’s Flash, and a doppelganger of his father. Mirroring “Flashpoint,” the Flash Season 2 finale was a daring move for the show’s writers as Barry and the show’s fans will be the only ones who know what happened when Season 3 hits.

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