‘The Flash’ Season 2: Carlos Valdez Discusses Zoom Finale Showdown And Barry’s Fate, Tom Cavanagh Teases Season 2 Death

The Flash Season 2 is coming to a close, but everything points to the best being yet to come for this DC Comics TV adaptation. The Flash has already faced off with Zoom more than once now, but Carlos Valdez, aka Cisco Ramon/Vibe, says the big “showdown” is yet to come, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“First of all, I think ‘showdown’ is right; that’s the right word to use. I’ve been looking for the right word to encapsulate what happens in the finale, and ‘showdown’ is the perfect word. As far as Cisco’s function in that showdown, literally everybody on the team has their own unique function to play in the plans to stop Zoom. It becomes riveting in that way. Every cog in the plan depends on the other cogs. It’s a completely interdependent system. Everybody has to be focused and the plan has to go through without a hitch. There are no backup plans anymore. This is it. The energy funnels itself into this big showdown event that takes place in the finale. Cisco, like everybody else, plays a vital function, and his powers have a lot to do with that.”

Reverb in The Flash season 2
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Zoom versus The Flash in the season 2 finale will apparently be a cooperative fight, and sounds like Carlos Valdez is suggesting that Cisco will be harnessing some or all of the power his Earth-2 doppelgänger, Reverb, showed and suggested that he had.

Valdes gave The Flash fans a sneak peek into the much-lauded and spoken about Kevin Smith episode, and Barry’s fate after using the recreated particle accelerator.

“Correct, he is in the aftermath of recreating that explosion. The episode itself is just the best. It was a blast to film. Kevin is the best. He allowed us all to basically takes the reins for the most part in telling the story. There’s a lot of trust there with Kevin, the crew and the cast, because he knows that we’ve been living with this show, these characters and this story for two years. It became that much more riveting for us and spontaneous and real for us to have so much control over these moments. That’s what allowed for us to create such a great episode. It’s a very emotional episode, at times. It’s action-packed. It’s very funny. It’s just a really good episode. I remember just from reading it the first time being really impressed with how it was laid out. I think fans can expect that episode to deliver.”

Harrison Wells as Reverse-Flash
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The Flash episode, titled “The Runaway Dinosaur,” has been spoken very highly of by the cast and others, as Kevin Smith is well-respected in the comic book community, so it will certainly be interesting to see how it turns out.

The Flash Season 2 potentially has a death on its hands for the season finale, which is not unusual, but who could it be and is it legitimate? According to the Daily Mirror, Tom Cavanagh, who has played two different Harrison Wells for The Flash Season 1 and 2, teased “Should we have somebody die perhaps? I don’t know, maybe.”

The Flash TV show certainly isn’t shy about taking characters out, but other than Earth-1 Harrison Wells/Reverse-Flash, it hasn’t taken on a serious key character death. Sadly, Cavanagh would not and likely could not elaborate, so who might die will remain a secret up until the season finale.

So, who do you think is going to die?

Will someone die at all, or is Tom Cavanagh just taking The Flash fans for the proverbial ride?

Leave your thoughts and opinions below.

[Image Via The Flash season 2| Courtesy Of CW |Cropped,Resized]

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