Captain America: Wait, He’s Been A ‘Hydra’ Agent All Along? #SayNoToHydraCap [Spoiler Alert]

Stop everything. Is it possible that Captain America has been working for HYDRA all along? It seems that a Marvel editor has the details. Marvel fans move on the offensive in website attacks and emails.

While Captain America, the Steve Rogers version, has been on the sideline for a while, he makes an appearance yet again in the newly released issue of Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 comic — which hits stands on Wednesday, according to ABC News.

It’s the event which, toward the end of this particular Captain America issue, has sent the Marvel world into a sure-fire frenzy. While everyone thinks that Steve Rogers is back to retake his reign as Captain America, for now, that might not be the case. Apparently, there’s a reason that Sam Wilson — a.k.a. Falcon — has taken over the role as America’s hero.

ABC News helps point out that this particular Captain America issue shows two stories. It quotes Marvel editor Tom Brevoort as making the following statements.

“Twenty-four hours ago people were asking the question of ‘Steve is back. Why do you need Sam Wilson? When is he going to go back to being the Falcon? And suddenly today, 24 hours later, people kind of go, ‘Oh, now I see something that I didn’t see before.’ And now suddenly there is an interesting friction between these two titles.”

So, what’s the deal with Steve Rogers as Captain America? Well, according to Gizmodo, it’s revealed that he’s been a HYDRA agent all along. “Captain HYDRA”?

[Spoiler Alert]

The man in the photo with Steve Rogers is none other than Doctor Erik Selvig — supposedly one of Captain America’s longtime friends. As you know, Selvig started working with S.H.I.E.L.D. after being introduced in Thor. In case you are new to the Marvel Comics world, S.H.I.E.L.D. opposes HYDRA.

Well, according to the source, “Captain America” tosses Selvig from the plane shortly after the aforementioned image. Generally, you would probably think this is just some gimmick that Marvel is using with Captain America and HYDRA. You know, maybe there was a body-double in play — a clone made in one of HYDRA’s labs? However, that’s not the case.

According to the Marvel editor, regarding Captain Rogers, “That’s the real dude, and you’ll find out the whys and wherefores in the second issue.”

In essence, it’s for shock value. As mentioned by Gizmodo, this isn’t the first time Marvel has pulled something like this. However, this time, as aforementioned, there are no switches in place. This is the genuine Captain Steve Rogers character as a HYDRA agent. The source mentions that Captain Steve Rogers’ HYDRA connection dates back to his mother, Sarah. A female agent saved her from an abusive husband and eventually convinced her to join HYDRA, herself.

This, of course, sets Captain Steve up for epic, comic failure 75 years later — according to popular opinion via Twitter’s trending hashtag, #SoNoToHYDRACap.

Yet, overall, Marvel plans to move Steve back in the right direction. However, for now, Captain America will have two stories simultaneously running: one from Sam Wilson’s persona and the other from Rogers’ HYDRA alter-ego.

As you can see from the photo, “Captain HYDRA” has a new shield since Falcon took over Rogers’ former equipment.

While this will possibly make for interesting writing, hoards of Marvel and Captain America fans find the gesture in supreme distaste.

They’ve even gone so far as to update Marvel Comics’ Wikipedia page, referring to the company as “evil.”

ABC News also reports that the company has been receiving emails showing backlash regarding the plot twist. Specifically, the Marvel editor notes, “It speaks both to the strong connection that people have for Steve Rogers as an individual or even Captain America as an idea.” And right now, it seems that they don’t mind messing with that “idea” for a few months.

However, as Gizmodo mentions, Captain America has to come back to the light eventually. There are still plenty of movies to make, and fans wouldn’t probably want to see Captain HYDRA over Captain America, right?

All in all, what are your thoughts regarding Captain America and the HYDRA connection? Will this prove to be entertaining? Which side will you choose? Feel free to leave your comments below.

[Image via Marvel]