George Zimmerman: I Auctioned My Gun To Prevent Hillary Clinton From Becoming President

George Zimmerman is speaking out for the first time since he auctioned off the gun he used to kill 18 year-old Trayvon Martin in February, 2012. During his interview with KTNV, Zimmerman explained his decision to sell the firearm, as well as his view of the Black Lives Matter movement and President Barack Obama.

“Anything that I can think of to ensure Hillary Clinton does not become the leader of the greatest nation on earth,” Zimmerman said in response to why he decided to sell the gun.

Current polls show that Hillary Clinton has a 68 percent chance of winning the 2016 presidential election. She is the No. 1 presidential candidate on the Democratic ticket.

“I was tired of Hillary Clinton’s anti-gun rhetoric,” he added.

Zimmerman compared himself to our country’s founding fathers.

“I could do as our forefathers: put it on the line and say I want to do whatever it takes to make this country right again.”

He felt compelled to step up against “Hillary Clinton and her lies and manipulation.” He put the gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin on, where it was sold for more than $120,000.

TMZ reported that seven verified users were bidding for the gun. The identity of the winner and how much he or she purchased the gun for is unknown.

According to TMZ, United Gun Group initially pulled the listing due to fake bids driving up the price. One fake bidder with the username “Racist McShootface” submitted a $65 million bid.

Zimmerman told KTNV he intends to donate the money from the auction to police officer foundations — although he did not name any specific one. Zimmerman shot Martin after he defied a police order to back down from his confrontation with the teen until they arrived on the scene.

The Black Lives Matter Movement was created after Zimmerman’s acquittal and in the face of Black Americans being shot–unarmed–by police officials. Zimmerman publicly denounced the group and in his interview he called it a “violent campaign.” He called its activists “jokes,” “loud mouths,” and “absolute pansies.”

“I knew I had something of value, which ironically the Black Lives Matter and the manipulating media, I’m not saying you of course, I am just saying in general, they are the ones that gave it it’s value. I mean you can’t blame me I mean I would have sold it for $350 if that is what its value was. The ironic part is they made it worth at least a quarter of a million dollars. They gave me a quarter of a million dollars.”

When asked if there was anything he would change in the last four years of his life, Zimmerman responded he wouldn’t have taken someone’s life. George said he would give anything not to have killed Martin during their altercation, but within the same breath, he wished Trayvon Martin’s parents “took an interest in their child” and “had raised him right.”

He blames President Obama for the aftermath of the incident. He believes the alleged violence of the Black Lives Matter Movement was fueled by a “racist” President Obama. In the interview, George called Obama a “bigot” for igniting racial tensions in America during his trial.

Zimmerman says in regards to Trayvon Martin, “race was never an issue.” He insists that Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Defense Attorney Benjamin Crump generated racism to make money. George says that President Obama allowed the Black Panther Movement to put a bounty on his head.

He was acquitted of second degree murder for the 2012 shooting of Martin in Sanford, Florida.

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