Darksiders II: Future Patch To Address Game-Breaking Bugs

Darksiders II may be a fantastic game–personally, it’s one of my top picks of the year–but it isn’t without its fair share of problems, and, at least on the PC end, a few disappointments as well.

Fortunately, developer Vigil Games said in a blog post on the game’s website that they are aware of the problems, and patches are in the works for all platforms. Due to certification, however, it may be awhile yet before consoles see a new patch.

First off, here’s the good news for PC players: Vigil said in the post that it’s looking into complaints that v-sync isn’t working properly, and that the problem will (hopefully) be addressed in a future patch. The developer is also planning on patching a few other PC-exclusive bugs, but the developer is also looking into adding in things that, well, should have been in to begin with.

The developer didn’t go over all of its plans for the Darksiders II PC patch, but they did mention that X-axis and proper keyboard/mouse mapping options will be added in within the relatively near future. Vigil didn’t mention it in the post, but I’m hoping that includes adding in the config file that is mysteriously absent from the final build.

For the console version of Darksiders II, Vigil says that it’s working on fixing a number of bugs reported by players, with the priority being on the few game-breaking glitches that users have been reporting. Unfortunately, there’s no ETA on when that is expected to roll out.

Have you experienced any bugs with Darksiders II?