RNC Protesters To Stick Around Despite Hurricane Warnings

Tampa, Florida – The GOP, a hurricane, threats of tax cuts for the uber-rich — Protesters at the Republican National Convention have promised to hold their ground and protest members of the Republican party or Hurricane Isaac, whichever arrives first.

Protest groups at the event are a mix of left leaning and middle of the road liberals who range in focus from Occupy Wall Street to Code Pink and the aptly named Dogs Against Romney.

Speaking to the Associated Press, one activist was exacting in their promise to stick around, noting: “We’re here, baby, rain or shine.” That same activist is familiar with the area after sleeping in an Occupy Tampa tent for months leading up to the Republican National Convention

One group not willing to allow protesters to hold their ground are the Tampa police. The areas police chief has promised to order an evacuation should Isaac turn into a potentially deadly hurricane. According to the departments Chief of Police, “We will order people into shelters.”

If nothing else, the groups have been creative in their attempts to get noticed at the RNC; in the case of the Dogs Against Romney, 30 protesters are on the premise with their dogs and signs that read “Don’t roof rack me, bro.” In another case, a group has placed giant ice blocks in the heat to signify the melting away of the middle class in America.

The most poignant of protest signs come from the women’s rights group Code Pink which reads “Vagina. If you can’t say it, don’t legislate it.”

With heavy rains and the potential for a deadly hurricane, most RNC events have been postponed until Tuesday, giving protest groups more time to spread their messages to anyone willing to listen.