One Direction Fans Defend Niall Horan From Internet Trolls

Niall Horan is the latest member of One Direction to be hounded by hateful trolls and bullies who describe themselves as fans. One Direction star Niall has over 25 million followers on Twitter, so it is safe to say that amongst that huge number are a few who are anything but fans. One Direction fans are famously loyal to Horan and his bandmates, and they fiercely protect the band on social media when people step out of line. Of course, Horan is hardly the first public figure to be attacked on social media, but Niall has spoken up in a series of messages on Twitter to reveal the depths that some will go to.

According to the Mirror Horan took to Twitter last night to reveal the extent of the abuse he has been receiving, Niall revealed that the hateful messages have been keeping him awake at night. What is more Horan revealed that members of his family have been subjected to abuse too.

It is a sad fact that Horan, like many who live in the public eye, is seen by some people as a legitimate target for hate and abuse. As Horan revealed whilst he was posting his messages those people were even in a group chat laughing at him.

“For the last two weeks I’ve been receiving messages off a group of fans, they have drowned my phone in messages, keeping me awake at night but the worst part is they have been nothing but abusive.

“Saying things you wouldn’t even believe about me and my family. And saying the worst things ever about my little nephew.

“Thank god I’m not the kind of person who thinks into stuff like this. But I just think it’s crazy how we let people [get] away with things like this. And the sad thing is as I tweet this they are in a group chat laughing at me.”

It is sad that Niall labels those who have been abusing him and his family as “fans” because they do not deserve that description. Those who choose to abuse Niall, or indeed anyone, from the safety of their keyboard are cowards, trolls, and bullies. They are not “fans.”

Niall finished his string of messages by telling fans that they did not need to worry about him because he is “laid back.”

“Don’t worry about me. I’m the most carefree, laid back person around. But I’m just signaling it because this s***e is happening to others.”

It is probably the case that Horan is the most “drama free” member of One Direction, but make no mistake – Niall, as much as anyone, will be both hurt and upset by attacks on him and his family. Now Magazine reports that Niall’s fans were quick to jump to his defense, and the hashtag #RespectNiall was soon trending on Twitter.

Horan fans were quick to point out that Niall and his family do not deserve social media abuse and many pointed out that Horan is bound to be upset by the nasty messages.

It was reported in The Inquisitr just yesterday that fans of Horan and his bandmates are incredibly generous when it comes to supporting charities favored by members of One Direction. Over the years, fans have raised huge sums of money in the name of Niall, Louis, Harry, and Liam. The overwhelming majority of One Direction fans are kind and decent people, and they firmly reject the tiny minority who seem to be filled with hate.

This is far from the first time that Niall or another One Direction member has been subjected to vile abuse. It was reported in The Inquisitr just last week that a troll had obtained Louis Tomlinson’s cellphone number and used it to wish the singer and his child dead.

It seems odd that those who are hating on Niall Horan and his family see themselves as fans. It is likely that they see provoking a reaction from Niall as some sort of badge of honor instead of the horrible bullying that it really is. No true One Direction fan would ever abuse Niall or his bandmates. Those who are abusive to Horan should hang their heads in shame. You can be sure that no true fan of Horan’s would want to be associated in any way with the trolls and bullies.

[Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images]