Hillary Clinton Campaign Stops: Bill Clinton Defends His Wife’s Policies During Campaign Stops In Southern California And Beyond

When you’re running a campaign for president, it always helps to have a famous person endorse you; just ask Hillary Clinton. The former Secretary of State and current front-runner in the bid for the Democratic Party’s nomination got some help from her husband on her campaign stops. Many of Hillary’s speeches have touted her husband’s economic prowess, and she has promised that if elected, she will get Bill Clinton to oversee the revival of a flailing economy.

The L.A. Times reported that Bill stopped into high schools in Chula Vista and Pomona, CA, to campaign for Hillary and secure votes from listeners.

“He derided Trump’s planned wall on the Mexican border and said his campaign theme reflected a desire to turn back on the social gains of recent generations.”

Hillary’s campaign has been pretty mum on their feelings about Trump up until this point, but it’s clear the two camps don’t agree on a lot of important issues. In recent weeks, Clinton has lost points in the polls, with the most recent results putting her only 766 points ahead of Sanders and 921 delegates still left to be claimed. However, the results are not considered finalized until the Democratic National Convention in July.

Bill Clinton campaigning for his wife Hillary in Kokomo, IN, on April 20, 2016. Bill has been an avid supporter of Hillary Clinton's campaign for the Democratic Party presidential nomination. [Image Via Joe Raedle, Getty Images]

California is an essential state for any candidate seeking the nomination, with a whopping 475 delegates up for grabs. That state will determine which way it leans in June and could give Hillary a huge lead over her opponent, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, if she wins delegates there. Clinton is a known supporter of a $15 minimum wage and equal pay for women, both of which could appeal to audiences in mostly-blue California.

We need a president who's fighting to raise incomes for all Americans, not one who tries to profit at their expense.

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Fox News mentioned that Bill and Hillary’s plan to fix the economy would especially focus on rural areas and inner cities that have been “left out” of economic development. Hillary has made it clear that she isn’t a fan of corporations or special interests, so it’s no real surprise that her strategy would focus on those who have hit hard financial times. Some are opposed to Hillary’s idea to put her husband in charge of the economy, however, stating their concerns that she is not qualified to fix the economy herself.

Bill Clinton has been campaigning in the crucial state of California on behalf of his wife, Hillary, to secure voters for her bid to become the Democratic Party nominee for President. [Image Via United States Department of State, Public Domain]

Another state that could be crucial to the campaign is New Jersey, whose 126 delegates will be allocated on June 7. Polls have more or less already given the state to Hillary, perhaps why she has not focused much of her campaign on this state. The polls are predicting Clinton will get the edge in Indiana, another potentially vital state, as well.

Bill Clinton campaigned on behalf of his wife Hillary today in Espanola, New Mexico. Clinton's opponent, Bernie Sanders, had visited New Mexico several weeks before the former Presdient. [Image Via Giphy.com]

KRQE News noted that Bill Clinton campaigned in Espanola, New Mexico today, where Bernie Sanders had arrived to lecture just a few weeks earlier. Hillary’s main political opponent on the Democratic side has expressed his feelings that Clinton is unqualified for the most important job in the country, though he later recanted this opinion.

Hillary’s campaign has also come under attack from the likes of Donald Trump, who according to Salon has exposed alleged backroom deals engaged in by the Clinton Foundation. Hillary isn’t taking the insults lightly, though, and has fired back, hitting at The Donald’s business track record and claiming he profited from the housing crash of the past few years.

[Image Via Joe Raedle, Getty Images]