Did Britney Spears And Madonna Really Have Nasty Confrontation?

Britney Spears and Madonna have a nice history, with both singers often appearing in concert and praising each other in interviews. So it was a surprise when Radar Online reported about an alleged conflict between the two pop queens at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards.

"Britney Spears delivered the performance of her life last night when she was presented with 2016 Billboard Music Awards Millennium Award. But there was one person who was not so thrilled to see her return to peak performance levels: her former bestie, Madonna!"
Madonna Britney Spears
Was Madonna really angry with Britney Spears? [Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]The article added that Madonna was yelling at Britney's dancers backstage because she couldn't stand the fact that Britney was getting all of the attention. The commenters after the article go after Madonna.

"Madonna looks like a puffy faced old hag in those pics, shes getting jealous of anyone younger or prettier than her. Face it Madonna you're getting older whether you like it or not," claims Shelley.

"Britney was awesome last night. It was seeing her at her best again. Super happy for her. Madonna on the other hand is trying so hard to stay current," says Willa.

However, Gossip Cop reports that the story about Madonna and Britney was completely fabricated.

"Britney Spears and Madonna didn't have any kind of confrontation at Sunday's 2016 Billboard Music Awards, despite a report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the story," claims columnist Shari Weiss.

Britney Spears Performance
Britney Spears received mixed reviews for her performance. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]The article adds that Gossip Cop spoke to people both at the award show and on Britney's team and confirmed that there was no confrontation. So far, neither Radar Online nor Madonna have responded. However, Madonna has responded to critics of her Prince tribute performance, which received great reviews by critics, but was torn apart on social media.

Sites such as NME, Rolling Stone, and Yahoo raved about the performance. Billboard even ranked it as the No. 1 performance of the evening.

"After Madonna slowly faced the arena from a purple throne, she began to sing 'Nothing Compares 2 U' (famously covered by Sinead O'Connor). What the crowd wasn't prepared for was when Stevie Wonder strolled onstage to help the pop icon lead 'Purple Rain.' Rihanna, dabbing in time, and The Weeknd were singing along as the whole arena waved their light-up wristbands, which were, of course, purple."
Of course, not everybody agreed and social media users went in for the kill.
Some of the tweeters objectively didn't like the performance. However, many of the tweets knocked Madonna for being white, old, and other things that had nothing to do with the performance. As usual, Madonna had an epic response.Britney Spears received mixed reviews as well, but didn't manage to catch the vile comments Madonna did. The Telegraph wasn't thrilled with Britney's performance.

"When she made her superstar entrance, showing off the rock-hard abs she's been justifiably proudly Instagramming, there was a collective shiver of anticipation that we might be witnessing the rebirth of the Britney who moved like electricity, rather than the dead-eyed, disinterested walking corpse of the past decade," claimed critic Jonathan Bernstein.

However, Bernstein added that Spears didn't really sing, lifelessly executed her choreography, and pretty much left everybody underwhelmed. Of course, a lot of people disagreed and thought Britney was back to form. What did you think of Britney Spears' performance? What did you think of Madonna's performance? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]