Body Piercer Gives Himself Magnetic Implants To Hold iPod

Kyle Murphy

A professional body piercer from Newfield, New Jersey has taken his love for body piercing and technology to the natural extreme.

Digital Trends, Dave Hurban, 21, surgically implanted four titanium studs into his wrist and use them to magnetically secure his iPod Nano. The project called iDermal allows him to smiply attach his iPod to his arm and go on his merry way. reports on the popularity of Hurban's iDermal. His "How To" video, which he posted on YouTube, has been viewed nearly 900,000 times in the last two weeks. iDermal was also a huge hit last weekend at a tattoo convention in Baltimore.

"I must have talked to like 400 people individually,' he said. "Every person I showed, they were like so amazed."
"When people see this, it’s like they’ve seen something that no one else has done, ever, it’s just such a crazy concept. And it almost takes them a little bit of time to grasp. I actually am the inventor of the strapless watch.”
“I can go for a run and it won’t come off. I’ve already taken it to the gym and jogged with it on.”
“I did it because I’m living in the now. I did it because it’s cool now. Even if they do come out with a new iPod, the fact that I did this when this iPod was out, that’s what matters." He then added, "To be honest, if they come up with a new one, and it’s bigger or smaller, I probably won’t change it.”

Enjoy the video of the iDermal process.