Chelsea Houska Under Fire For Botox At Barbeque, 'Teen Mom 2' Star Gets Injections While Hanging With Jeremy Calvert

Chelsea Houska is getting ready to get married this fall to the man of her dreams. Their relationship has played out on Teen Mom 2, and fans are excited that she has finally found happiness. Houska has been raising her daughter, Aubree, as a single parent for the most part. While Adam Lind has been in and out of Aubree's life, Houska's soon-to-be husband, Cole DeBoer is doing a great job helping Chelsea raise her. Things are about to change for this family and with summer on the horizon, there are a lot of things to celebrate.

This past weekend, Chelsea Houska hosted a barbeque for friends and family. She had been posting photos of what was happening throughout the process, which had fans excited. Some jumped to conclusions that this was Houska's pre-wedding bash, but it was just a fun event. According to Starcasm, Chelsea Houska was joined by Teen Mom 2 co-star Jeremy Calvert. This was interesting because they live so far apart. Houska resides in South Dakota, and Calvert lives on the east coast. The conclusion was that Calvert was nearby for work and decided to drop in and see his friend. Working on the show has brought a lot of the stars and their significant others together, and it looks like Cole DeBoer and Calvert are buddies.

At the party, Chelsea Houska's dad decided to give some Botox injections. Randy Houska is a dentist, and has a lot of experience with the product and how to use it. Despite all of that, there were some harsh critics on social media. Many were questioning why Chelsea would indulge in a procedure at such a young age. While it may seem bizarre to some, her father would never let her do anything that would outright harm her. Still, the Houskas are the center of a cosmetic surgery debate simply because they had some fun over the weekend with friends.

The latest episode of Teen Mom 2 showed the heartbreak Chelsea Houska has to deal with when it comes to Aubree. She had been planning to attend a father-daughter dance with Adam Lind, but was stood up. Instead, Cole DeBoer accompanied his soon-to-be stepdaughter to her big event. While there have been some critics jumping Houska for allowing Aubree to call DeBoer daddy or other names, this incident was proof that he deserves a special role in her life. There has been talk of hyphenating Aubree's name once the couple ties the knot. At this point, it may not be a bad idea once Houska takes the advice her lawyer gave to her when they discussed the issue.October is just a few months away, and that is when Chelsea Houska will reportedly tie the knot with Cole DeBoer. She has kept a lot of the details under lock and key because she opted to have an intimate wedding. MTV wanted to film the special day for Teen Mom 2, but Houska declined. She has been pretty adamant about special moments being sacred, and she does share them with her fans as she sees fit. There have been glimpses of wedding planning shared on social media, and fans are excited to see what Houska will share as the date grows near.

It seems that Chelsea Houska is making the most out of life, even when she is dealing with the issues Adam Lind throws at them. Her little family unit knows how to have fun with close friends and family, and the barbeque this weekend was proof. While the Botox may have been a bit much, Chelsea Houska knows what she is doing and so does her dad.

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