Cary Deuber Says ‘So What’ About Being The Rumored Other Woman On ‘RHOD’

Cary Deuber has managed to stay out of the drama on The Real Housewives of Dallas, as LeeAnne Locken has attacked Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman instead. The tension has clearly been between LeeAnne and Brandi, and Stephanie got caught in the middle because of her friendship with Brandi. Cary has managed to stay neutral with the ladies, as she's been working a lot with her husband. The two even worked on their anniversary. Before Deuber joined The Real Housewives of Dallas, she was caught up in rumors about her marriage. Apparently, she was the "other woman" because Mark was married when they met.

According to a new Bravo report, Cary Deuber is now sharing her thoughts on the entire marriage scandal that supposedly rocked Dallas. When Cary met Mark, he was married to another woman. Deuber wants to set the record straight about her marriage, as she isn't the kind of person to go wreck marriages in Dallas.

"I guess it was time for an unprovoked attack to ambush me and my marriage with Mark. You know what: Mark was married when we met. So what. We've been happily married six years. We have a beautiful child together. I also have great, happy loving step kids. We are all happy. I wish LeeAnne could be happy for me. Is she so unhappy in her own life? Is that why she's gotta go after others so much? Brandi, then Stephanie, then Marie. I get it. Next up Cary..." Cary Deuber reveals in her blog for Bravo.

During The Real Housewives of Dallas, Deuber hinted that LeeAnne was just jealous of her because she had been married three times and Locken was still working on getting married for the first time. Deuber is happily married and fans can see how Mark completely adores his wife. He keeps spoiling her and buying her some amazing dresses, and LeeAnne will surely say or do something that will make her less appealing to her co-stars once again.

LeeAnne's friend, Heidi Dillon, hosted a party on last night's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas, and Cary immediately felt uncomfortable. In her blog, Deuber explains that the dog was the best part of the party, as Heidi made her feel uncomfortable. And after watching The Real Housewives of Dallas, Cary Deuber learned that Locken was talking about her behind her back. It was completely shocking that her marriage would be brought up and that the ladies would gossip about Cary as the other woman. She started shutting out the other ladies and Tiffany Hendra noticed that her co-star was uncomfortable.

"Tiffany was right, I shut down and became cold as a complete defense mechanism to protect myself. I'm sorry I came across as being a snob … but these people were clearly gathered to make fun of me and make me feel badly about myself, my husband and my marriage. Talk about class. I hope everyone reading this asks themselves how they would feel or react in that situation," Cary Deuber reveals in her blog, adding, "You've got a great inner circle, LeeAnne. I have to say I'm proud to not be accepted by them."

It is definitely interesting that Cary Deuber's co-stars find so much joy in gossiping about her marriage. It's almost as if they brought it up so they have something on her in case they do start fighting.

What do you think of Cary Deuber's thoughts on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas? Do you think Cary should feel bad about being "the other woman" or do you think her co-stars were wrong in bringing it up?

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