Blac Chyna-Rob Kardashian Prenup Drama: Rob To Take Legal Action?

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are engaged and might just get married soon. Blac Chyna is pregnant and the couple is happy, but it looks like it's just not enough for the Kardashians. Ever since the two got engaged, the Kardashians have been fretting over the prenup they want Rob Kardashian to sign with Blac Chyna. BET quoted Radar Online as saying that Rob Kardashian is threatening legal action because he doesn't want to be told what to do.

First, it was Khloe Kardashian who asked her brother Rob to get a prenup in the wake of Blac Chyna's pregnancy and their wedding plans. She does realize that not every wedding is a fairy tale, and she wants Rob to realize the same.

"While Khloe realizes it's not the most romantic thing to do, she has told Rob he should definitely reconsider having a prenup," an insider told Hollywood Life. "She thinks it's the safest idea, even though she doesn't want to doubt Rob and Blac's love for one another, but it keeps him protected. Khloe's already seen that Rob has been a little reckless with Blac and she thinks it's time he protected his own interests. At the end of the day, she doesn't want Rob to be left with nothing."

What could possibly be the reason for not getting a prenup? The sources have said that Rob Kardashian is a gentleman and isn't greedy.

"Rob's a gentleman and money doesn't mean anything to him," an insider told Hollywood Life. "He's not greedy and materialistic like some of his family members. He believes in true love, and that's what he has with Chyna."

The drama did not end there. Now it's Kris Jenner who is infuriated that Rob Kardashian is not getting a prenup, so much so that Kris Jenner is blaming herself for Rob's "foolish" decision.

"He refuses to get a prenuptial agreement with Blac and it infuriates Kris so much that she had an epic meltdown. She shed tears for Rob, and for herself. All her daughters have her wit, her business smarts, and common sense. Rob, on the other hand, doesn't. And Kris blames herself," an insider explained to Hollywood Life.

Kris worries Rob would end up hurting himself and that he would have to pay a lot of money if something goes wrong in the relationship.

"She doesn't want him to get hurt, and she sure as hell doesn't want him to be shelling out millions to Blac should something go awry in their relationship. They have a child on the way and Kris only wants her son to grow a pair and get smart fast," the insider said.

It looks like Kris Jenner and Rob Kardashian certainly don't agree on a lot of things.

There have also been rumors that Rob isn't very happy that the Kardashians are asking him not to marry Blac Chyna.

"The family tried to stage a kind of intervention, begging him to not marry her," an insider told Radar Online. "Kris [Jenner] was going nuts over getting a prenup in place."

However, it's been said that it has "only pushed Rob away."

"It wasn't until he got legal on them that they realized they had no choice but to get on with it, which is one of the main reasons Rob's sister Kim [Kardashian] bullied Kylie [Jenner] into publicly making peace with Blac," said the source. "They went way too far and it all backfired."

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