Watch Bernie Sanders’ Huge San Bernardino Rally Live Stream: California Victory In Sights For Sanders

Bernie Sanders, after calling Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton “presumptuous” for assuming she will win California, holds a huge rally in San Bernardino on Tuesday as he presses forward with his campaign to win the state — the largest and most delegate-rich state in the entire primary season.

Including unpledged superdelegates who have stated their intention to vote for her, Hillary Clinton is just 104 delegates short of the 2,383 required to secure the Democratic nomination, according to the delegate count compiled by The Green Papers election data site.

Bernie Sanders needs 842 out of the 944 delegates remaining to be claimed — 781 pledged delegates and 163 superdelegates. California offers 475 pledged delegates, meaning that Sanders needs to beat Clinton in the state by a 65 percentage point margin, assuming that the other states also voting on June 7 vote as expected.

A new KABC/SurveyUSA poll issued on Monday showed that Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders in California by 18 percentage points. And, according to the polling average compiled by the election-forecasting site, Clinton leads by 17.3 points, 55.3 to 38.2, across all polls.

Nonetheless, Sanders remains confident.

“I would suggest that Secretary Clinton may want to be not quite so presumptuous about thinking that she is a certain winner,” Sanders said in a statement issued on Monday. “In the last several weeks, the people of Indiana, West Virginia and Oregon have suggested otherwise.”

Sanders was referring to his recent primary victories in those three states. He issued the statement after Clinton passed on taking part in a 10th debate against Sanders, this time in the state of California on the Fox News network.

Bernie Sanders gave a pointed interview to ABC News on Sunday, in which he referred to Hillary Clinton as “the lesser of two evils” compared to Republican Donald Trump. Watch the entire interview in the video below.

To watch a live stream of the huge Bernie Sanders rally in San Bernardino, California, click on the video below. The event is scheduled to get underway at 7 p.m. Pacific Time/10 p.m. Eastern, at the National Orange Show Events Center in San Bernardino, California, on Tuesday, May 24.

Also on Monday, Sanders won a major concession from Clinton and from the Democratic National Committee when they granted him five seats on the platform committee for the Democratic National Convention. The platform committee writes the democratic “platform,” the set of policies and principles that the Democratic nominee is supposed to support; but, in reality, the candidate is under no obligation to adhere to the platform.

But, even some of Sanders’ appointees were immediately controversial, including prominent intellectual Cornel West, a scholar of religion who is better known as a harsh critic of President Barack Obama, once even describing Obama as “n*****ized.”

West, while he backs Bernie Sanders for president, has also expressed sympathy for Donald Trump, calling Trump “authentic.”

Sanders also appointed James Zogby to the platform committee, the founder of the Arab-American Institute and an activist for pro-Palestinian causes.

Bernie Sanders San Bernardino Live StreamBernie Sanders San Bernardino Live Stream supporters
Bernie Sanders supporters remain enthusiastic despite the candidate's disadvantage in the deficit count (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

Despite the polls, Sanders hopes that a surge in California voter registrations bodes well for a surprise victory, as Sanders tends to win first-time voters by a wide margin over Clinton.


Sanders will hold a rally earlier on Tuesday in Riverside, California, where the registrar of voters for Riverside County has reported 45,000 new registrations since the beginning of the year.

In San Bernardino County, about 44,000 new voters registered between the start of the year and May 15.

In what could be another sign of hope for Sanders in California, the state has seen an upswing in voters registered as “no party preference,” and Bernie Sanders has also received overwhelming support from independent voters, who are permitted to vote in the California Democratic Primary.

[Photo By David McNew/Getty Images]