Michael Fassbender Rejects Questions About Girlfriend Alicia Vikander

Michael Fassbender was quick to reject questions about his private life with girlfriend Alicia Vikander while promoting his upcoming movie X-Men: Apocalypse. Seeing how he has been known for dating several of Hollywood’s big players, maybe it’s time that he kept some details about his relationships with his girlfriend to himself.

“It has been reported that Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander’s upcoming movie The Light Between Oceans is where their love ignited, but it’s not a good idea to ask the actor about that,” reports Sydney Morning Herald. “The notoriously private Irish star shot down a question on that very notion despite talk being excitedly rife on the subject with the release of the movie’s official trailer this week.”

“Dropping his toothy grin, and reaching out and giving this reporter a light and unexpected smack on the right shoulder, he replied, ‘nice talking to you,’ before turning on his heels and heading off in the direction of the next waiting reporter,” reports the same article.

But, this won’t be the last time that Michael (or Alicia) will get asked about their relationship. The movie that kindled their romance, The Light Between Oceans, is hitting cinemas in September. During that promotional tour, the two leads of the movie, Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander will likely get asked about how their onscreen romance bled into their real lives.

“We all became obsessed with the idea of Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander after news broke that the two started dating in 2014, and now we get to watch their love blossom on screen,” reports E! Online.

Maybe it might be good practice for the Irish actor to start talking about his girlfriend, just so that it doesn’t get too awkward when the summer ends.

But, both the actors have been more than busy to really spend quality time with each other. Not only is Michael releasing a movie this week, Alicia is also gearing up for Tulip Fever, which is being talked about as the steamiest romantic movie of the season.

He also is working tirelessly on the next movie project, Assassin’s Creed.

The upcoming movie Assassin’s Creed, “with Fassbender starring as Callum Lynch, an alienated, violent drifter who discovers that he is descended from a 15th century Spanish assassin named Aguilar,” is set to be released on December 21, according to Los Angeles Times. With a huge following from the original game, Assassin’s Creed will put Michael on the map of commercial and mainstream success.

On top of that, the Swedish Oscar winner has started her own production company in hopes of making movies that she personally finds fascinating.

The 27-year-old Swedish actress has launched her own production banner Vikarious Productions along with her London-based agent Charles Collier of Tavistock Wood,” reports Deadline. “The company has set its first feature, Euphoria, with Vikander also set to star alongside Eva Green as sisters in conflict traveling through Europe towards a mystery destination.”

Alicia and Michael, from words on the street, are still very much in love and are probably aching to spend more time with each other. Once, the 26-year-old actress opened up about the New Years Eve she spent with her boyfriend, a.k.a. Michael Fassbender.

“It was not a very, very late night because I had to fly here, but we had a grill going, cooked some pasta, made a good dinner, watched some fireworks,” she told us. “We counted down until midnight. It was great!”

I think I kissed my boyfriend,” Alicia admitted to E! Online.

Sounds like she and Michael are on the same page about keeping their relationship private.

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