‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7: Negan Kidnaps [Spoiler] – Will Favorite ‘TWD’ Character Escape?

The Walking Dead Season 7 is filming and will premiere on AMC in fall 2016. Not many TWD spoilers have been released, but a few tidbits, theories, and rumors are being leaked. Recently, those at the filming location have seen things that lead fans to believe Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) will kidnap one character. This person is a fan-favorite, but will they escape or not?

Warning: The Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers, theories, and rumors are ahead.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, filming updates revealed that Negan would kidnap one TWD character. It was speculated by The Spoiling Dead Fans that the character who would be taken was Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus).

According to a new post from TSDF, Daryl was indeed abducted by Negan and the Saviors. However, Dixon isn’t staying willingly. Apparently, The Walking Dead character tries to escape more than once. However, will he be successful or could he die trying?

The Facebook post states that on May 16, filming took place at the Sanctuary, which is the Saviors’ home base. Negan, Daryl, Dwight (Austin Amelio), and other members of the Saviors were present.

The next day, Daryl was not seen during filming, but his vest was.

“Filming took place in various areas of Griffin around Carver Rd/ Industrial Dr. and E. Slaton,” TSDF wrote regarding TWD Season 7 filming on May 17. “It’s believed that a car chase sequence took place. Dwight and a few other Saviors were rumored to be pursuing a runaway Savior. At some point, they wreck and there was also gunfire heard. It’s believed that someone gets shot. Possibly the rogue Savior. There was also a Daryl vest sighting! However, Daryl didn’t seem to be the one wearing it. It’s rumored that Dwight (Daryl’s #1 fangirl) was actually the one wearing the vest. We hope to have pictures of this in the future for you to see.”

During the next few days, the car chase continued to be filmed. As for Daryl Dixon, he is seen again on May 20. There is a rumor that Norman Reedus’ character tries to escape Negan and the Saviors. However, sources say he is not successful.

Keep in mind that Daryl not escaping Negan and the Saviors does not mean he will die on the show. Negan would not have taken him unless it was for a reason. He must know that he will be useful or may use him as a bargaining chip, perhaps to make Rick’s group more compliant.

Regarding whether The Walking Dead Season 7 will mimic the comic books or not, actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan answered that in an interview. For devoted fans who hope the television show will stay in line with the comics, you are in luck.

“I know a little bit, I know where we’re going. I’ve got a stack of The Walking Dead comic books next to my bed here,” Morgan told Variety about Negan‘s storyline in Season 7. “I think we’re going to stick pretty close to what you see in the graphic novel with this character because he’s so iconic to this world, so this storyline is going to stay true. From what I understand talking to Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman, we’re gonna try and keep it pretty close. I think that’s something to be able to look forward to because it’s a great storyline.”

What do you think of Negan kidnapping Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead Season 7? Do you think he will make it out alive or will Negan and the Saviors end up killing Norman Reedus’ character?

The Walking Dead returns in fall 2016. A specific date for Season 7 has not yet been announced.

[Photo by Gene Page/AMC]