Bill Cosby Raped Teens: One 19-Year-Old Model, Another Was 17-Years-Old When They First Met

Bill Cosby gave quaaludes to a 19-year-old model in 1976, Therese Serignese, whom he also raped, according to Daily Mail. It’s important to remember that this isn’t “sex,” as Serignese said she was drugged and therefore not able to give consent to whatever followed, so that classifies this as rape. Cosby also revealed that models were being sent to him through an agency on a weekly basis. This information comes from depositions Bill Cosby gave in 2005 and 2006.

Bill Cosby Raped Teens: One 19-Year-Old Model, Another Being 17-Years-Old When They First Met
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Bill Cosby and Therese Serignese, 19 at the time, met at the Las Vegas Hilton in 1976. Serignese claims that she was given quaaludes and was not in a position where she was able to give consent. When questioned by a lawyer as to whether Cosby believed this to be true, he was unable to give a yes or no answer.

“I don’t know…. How many years ago are we talking about? 197(6)?… I meet Ms. Picking in Las Vegas. She meets me backstage. I give her quaaludes. We then have sex.”

Apparently Cosby himself never took the quaaludes because they made him sleepy. He knows that because he’s taken quaaludes after having gone through surgery. Serignese goes on to state that she was invited to spend time with Cosby, privately after one of his shows. Cosby gave her two quaaludes and she took them without knowing what they were, while also being incredibly nervous. But this apparently did not stop Bill Cosby from raping Serignese.

“I took them, didn’t know what they were, didn’t even ask. I just was intimidated I guess and I took them,” Serignese told WPTV in 2014. “Then my next memory is feeling drugged and him having sex with me.”

It says a lot that Bill was never asking these women if they were alright, or making sure that they were fully cognizant of what was going on, before he sexually took advantage of them. Even if you don’t consider 19-years-old to be too young, Cosby is still telling on himself with this evidence. At a certain point, he knew that quaaludes will make you sleepy. There is no reason to be giving young women such a drug, unless your intent was to remove their agency and rape them, with them having little to no memory of what happened.

During this deposition, Cosby then began discussing another sexual encounter with a teen model whom he first met when she was 17-years-old. She said that she was invited to his townhouse, where Cosby served her amaretto, though this is a claim that Cosby denies. She also said Cosby instructed her to sit on the couch beside him, as he massaged her shoulders and arms. Cosby did admit to having the young woman masturbate him with lotion, and he never clarifies how old the girl was when this happened.

There was also a third teenager mentioned in this deposition. He invited this young woman to his townhouse in New York.

“I fed her dinner, gave her three drinks,” Bill Cosby said. “We went then to the living room. We went through acting, elementary moves. We then went to the sofa. We laid down together. I was behind her.”

He admits that she was laying down, asleep, but claimed he never touched her in a sexual way. Cosby said he “got up” when he saw that she had fallen asleep. The young woman, however, claims that he was massaging her back on the couch and pulled his pants down in anticipation of oral sex. Cosby then becomes very careful with his words. “‘In an effort to receive oral sex,’ that did not happen,” he claims. Instead of just saying that he didn’t pull his pants down or undress in any capacity. The woman claims that once she refused, Cosby had her sent home, and this is also something that he denied.

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