Hillary Clinton Favored By Election Fraud In Democratic Primaries: Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Officials To Protect California Primaries

Hillary Clinton's candidacy has drawn election fraud in the Democratic primaries out into the open. A host of voter suppression and voter fraud allegations have arisen throughout the country. These allegations include Sanders supporters being purged from voter records or, in some states, having their party affiliation changed to prevent them from being eligible to vote in a closed primary.

Election fraud in the Democratic primaries has also been indicated by exit polls, where votes for Hillary Clinton were up to 14 percent higher than the exit polls indicated. More than 2 percent is generally enough for a red flag. Many state primaries exceeded those parameters, according to Richard Charnin's Blog. Charnin has been monitoring exit polls for decades.

Hillary Clinton may not be aware of any fraud because often candidates themselves are uninvolved in procuring hackers for that purpose. Often it is a third party that is not officially part of the campaign. Culprits could be working on behalf of either political party, for a donor, or for virtually any citizen or group interested enough to pay to control the outcome of an election.
California election fraud in the Democratic primaries took on a new form, civil rights attorney Bill Simpich explains. Incomplete and incorrect instructions were sent to "No Party Preference" voters. The Bernie Sanders Video website has the details.

"Independent voters who have stated 'No Party Preference' (NPP) may not be able to vote in the June 7th Primary because of the confusion over how to obtain party-based Presidential primary ballots. Those ballots are not automatically mailed with their nonpartisan ballot. They must be requested by the voters. That has not been made clear in the instructions sent."

Bernie Sanders Supporters are young
Bernie Sanders Supporters are young [Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]

Hillary Clinton benefits from any policy that restricts or misinforms independent, young, or first-time voters. Most Clinton voters are older and have a long history with the Democratic party. Although not all people in this demographic vote for Hillary Clinton, statistically, it is more likely they will. The difference in demographics makes election fraud in the Democratic primaries easier. Bill Simpich wants all Californians to know that the recent mailing from the Alameda County Registrar of Voters and the San Francisco Department of Elections do not reflect California voting law and should not be allowed to discourage voting.

"The polls have been open since May 9. Voters have the right to come to the polling place up to the final day of elections on June 7 and ask for the ballot of their choice. We intend to make sure they know that this is their right."

The California election fraud lawsuit named Tim Depuis and John Arntz chiefs of Alameda Country Registrar of Voters and the San Francisco Department of Elections. The defendants are accused of sending out incomplete and misleading voting information to targeted groups. Among the most notable errors was the incorrect deadline date of March 18, which has already passed, when the deadline is actually May 31. Another misleading element neglected to mention that an NPP voter can request a crossover ballot.

Hillary Clinton has the deck stacked in her favor by parties unknown. The culprits are still actively tampering with Democratic primary elections in a variety of ways. Voters should be on guard.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton by Joe Raedle c
Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton [Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

To avoid election fraud in the Democratic Primaries, the current recommendation is to vote in person as soon as possible at the County Registrar's office. If voters need to mail in their votes, the instructions below should be sufficient to protect voter rights.

"The date by which NPP mail-in voters may request a 'crossover' mail-in ballot is May 31, 2016. You can exchange your NPP ballot for a democratic ballot at the polls on election date. Download the Official Secretary of State Form and mail or deliver it to your county registrar before May 31, 2016. If you deliver it, you may as well just vote while you are there (see above).

"If you are a registered as a mail-in voter, bring your non-partisan ballot to a polling location on June 7, 2016. You should be permitted to exchange it for a Democratic ballot. DO NOT SETTLE FOR A PROVISIONAL BALLOT unless you do not have the ballot that you received in the mail. Surrender your Non Partisan ballot and DEMAND a Democratic Ballot.

"If you are not a mail-in voter, check your registration status and take a screen shot and store it on your phone or print out a copy of your status to take with you when you go to the polls on June 7, 2016."

California election fraud in the Democratic primaries may be difficult to circumvent. Voters are urged to assert their rights. To learn exactly what voter rights in California are, please visit Bernie Sander's Video website.

Hillary Clinton has not been implicated in voter fraud in the Democratic primaries, but voter suppression and fraud have been detected.

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