‘Catfish’s’ Nev Schulman And Laura Perlongo Engaged After Announcing Surprise Pregnancy

Catfish’s Nev Schulman is officially engaged to Laura Perlongo. A few weeks ago, the Inquisitr reported that Perlongo and Schulman announced they were pregnant after seven months of on-and-off dating, and now it looks like they’re ready to take the next step.

Schulman announced the news on Facebook with a photo of the two embracing in bed.

“She said yes!!! I couldn’t be more more in love or excited to spend my life with this amazing woman. I’m so lucky I found someone I can be truly be myself around and always makes me smile. She’s creative, honest and chooses to always look on the bright side. Hope all of you find that person too. YAY love!”

Schulman also took to Instagram to announce the news.

we're enraged!!!

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Then he captured another photo of the two with the caption, “seriously though, couldn’t be more in love with this nugget. so excited to spend my life with you @el_peego.”

Many have already extended their congratulations to the couple on Twitter.

As the Inquisitr reported, the two broke the news that they were expecting a baby together via Laura Perlongo’s essay about how she found out she was pregnant and how people reacted to it.

Schulman shared the essay with the caption, “There are no words to explain the excitement and joy I feel about becoming a father. I’m also wildly in love with this woman and so amazed and impressed with everything she does. Ahhhhhhhh!!!”

In the essay, Perlongo explains that as a millennial, she was hesitant to grow up in the traditional sense. She described herself as a “freelance advertising creative” who dresses like Silent Bob and doesn’t pick up after herself.

When she shared the news that she was pregnant with Schulman’s baby, she wasn’t expecting the abrasive response she received from some people.

“Even in my own version of adulthood, I’m a poor excuse for an adult. But did that mean I was supposed to wait until I’m closer to 40 to ‘throw my life away’, as one (mid-thirties) co-worker suggested.”

She continued, “The friends I told seemed to spiral into freak outs about their own lives and baby hypotheticals too. Married or unmarried, most people my age seem to not want kids. And for many very real reasons. The main being that adult life is hard to wrap your head around and growing up looks a lot different now than it did for our parents.”

Despite the initial reaction, many sent their congratulations to the happy couple on Twitter.

In addition to the pregnancy news, Schulman shared that they’re having a baby girl along with the essay that Perlongo wrote.

“IT’S A GIRL!???????? No words can capture the excitement and joy I feel about becoming a father. I am so in love with you @el_peego and thank you for giving me this incredible gift. You inspire and excite me every day. Big thanks to @arnold_daniel for his beautiful photos and @attndotcom for publishing our story. link in bio????”

So far, we don’t know when the happy couple plans to be wed.

[Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for Global Citizen]