Bernie Sanders Stands Up To The DNC As ‘Bernie Or Bust’ Movement Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down

Hillary Clinton would love nothing more than for Bernie Sanders to throw in the towel and let her have the Democratic nomination, but that isn’t happening. As pressure from many Democratic leaders weighs on Sanders to quit the race, the “Bernie or Bust” movement has remained strong, with hopes of making an impression in July at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

As the Democratic National Convention gets closer, Bernie Sanders is taking aim at those same politicians who refuse to acknowledge him as the better candidate to run against Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. Bernie has already put his support behind Tim Canova, who is looking to replace the current DNC chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz with a bid to take her seat in Congress.

With each bid to weaken the “Bernie or Bust” movement and reunite the Democratic party under Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders’ supporters push back and refuse to buckle under the pressure of a possible Donald Trump presidency. Many who have joined the movement have remained strong and insist that if the DNC wants to beat Trump in the 2016 presidential election, then they need to nominate Bernie Sanders rather than pushing Clinton onto everyone.

There have even been suggestions that Clinton might ask Sanders to be her running mate in the ultimate bid to unify the Democrats against Donald Trump. The “Bernie or Bust” movement has also rejected that suggestion and instead have called for Hillary Clinton to drop out and make way for Bernie Sanders instead.

It makes sense to those involved in the “Bernie or Bust” movement that Bernie Sanders be the Democratic nominee to run against Donald Trump for the 2016 presidential race. The Huffington Post reported that Sanders is our best chance to beat Trump in the general election for a multitude of reasons and none of them have to do with poll numbers.

Speaking of the polls, The Hills reported that Hillary Clinton would lose to Donald Trump in the general election by 3 points in a recent Fox News poll. On the contrary, those same polls suggest that Bernie Sanders would beat Trump in the general election by four percentage points, which is the closest guarantee for a Democratic win in the 2016 presidential race as there will be. So if the Democrats are truly only interested in winning, why are so many prominent leaders prematurely calling the race in Hillary’s favor and trying to persuade Sanders to drop out?

The tension between Bernie Sanders and the DNC was at a fever pitch in the days following the Nevada Democratic Convention. The Inquisitr reported on the alleged corruption that was caught on film during the final caucus and already, many “Bernie or Bust” supporters have expressed their outrage over accusations of violence from Sanders’ supporters.

It has already been proven that there were no chairs thrown during the Nevada Democratic Convention, as some Clinton supporters previously claimed. There is also a video of California Senator Barbara Boxer taunting the Bernie Sanders’ supporters onstage before claiming later that she was so scared during the “attack” that she feared for her life. When Debbie Wasserman Schultz demanded that Bernie Sanders apologize for the reaction of his supporters when they were cheated out of their votes, he refused. Then Bernie pledged to remove Wasserman Schultz as the Democratic chair should he be elected.

Bernie Sanders has sent a clear message to the DNC recently by standing up for himself and for the “Bernie or Bust” movement. Sanders has made it clear that he plans to stay in the race for the Democratic nomination until the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in July. Perhaps if the DNC truly is interested in making sure of a Democratic win in the 2016 presidential race, they will swing over to Bernie and nominate him to run against Donald Trump in November instead of Hillary Clinton.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]