Microsoft Surface Street Art Starts Popping Up In NYC

Microsoft seems to be taking a new approach to promote its new Surface Tablet. The company, which unveiled its new logo earlier this week, is apparently adding street art to several buildings in New York to advertise the new tablet before its October 26th release date.

CNet reports that the Microsoft Surface street art features a colorful keyboard below the word “surface.” Microsoft is either hoping that its low-profile advertising campaign will get people talking about its new product, or there’s a graffiti artist out there who is really excited about the Surface Tablet.

Microsoft has not taken responsibility for the ads yet, but according to PC Mag, Microsoft does have a past with sidewalk art advertising. In 2010, the company used sidewalk art in Manhattan to promote the Windows Phone 7. The company also used randomly placed stickers to promote the MSN network in 2002.

The Surface tablet was unveiled in June and marks a new era for the tech giant. CEO Steve Ballmer said last month that the new tablet could sully relationships with PC manufactures like Asus, Acer, and Dell, but Ballmer expects to sell millions of tablets after the Surface’s debut in October.

The tablet is being toted as an “all-in-one” tablet. It has a kickstand in the back and a cover that doubles as a keyboard.

Are you excited for the Microsoft Surface Tablet?