WWE News: Goldust And Cody Rhodes Walk Out Of ‘WWE Smackdown’ Tapings?

When Cody Rhodes announced on his Twitter account that he asked for his release from the WWE, it brought a sense of realism to the minds of many WWE fans. For the wrestlers brought in post-Ruthless Aggression era and before the pre-NXT era, only few remain. Natalya, Kofi Kingston, and Dolph Ziggler are still around. Rhodes is on that list as well. It’s only a matter of time before the WWE grants his release request and he’s gone as well.

For those that missed his tweets from his personal account, they are embedded as follows.

Most of the time, when a wrestler posts something on his or her personal account, it’s heartfelt and genuine. There’s more of a story to his tweets than meets the eye. A great, but under-appreciated career that spans nearly a decade is what Cody Rhodes did for the WWE. The key word in that statement is “under-appreciated.”

Image via WWE [Image via WWE]Perhaps that’s what he feels and it resonated with the tweets he put out, rather abruptly, as well. There was no warning, or even a sense that his contract was ending this soon. At least, Wade Barrett’s deal was over a few weeks before he asked for his release. However, a new report is circulating that says Goldust and Cody Rhodes walked out of the WWE Smackdown tapings before they began.

“This may be unrelated but PWInsider reports that Cody and brother Goldust left Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown tapings before they began filming.”

If this is the case, there is likely more to Rhodes’ release request than meets the eye, as I noted earlier. Something is suspicious about all of this. First, let’s dissect what Rhodes’ wife, Eden, said after he announced his motion.

This clearly isn’t a work, even though Stardust’s Twitter account teased a return from Cody for the past few weeks. Now, it doesn’t seem to be certain that he will ever return. He’s continued to do the Stardust gimmick in honor of his late father, Dusty Rhodes. Dusty passed away several months ago, which came as a huge shock to the WWE Universe.

Stardust continued and became a stale gimmick, but it wasn’t at the fault of Cody himself. It was the result of poor booking from WWE Creative and the lack of will to give him anything better. If the return of Cody actually happened, he’d be as over as he once was with his brother, Goldust. That brings up the supposed “walk-out” of Goldust and Cody at the WWE Smackdown tapings.

Goldust and Prime Time Players Monday Night Raw results: Goldust & Prime Time Players defeated Stardust & Ascension. [Photo by WWE ]If Cody requested his release, why would Goldust walk out with him as well? Is there a problem among the entire Rhodes family against the WWE? This isn’t confirming anything, but rather speculation on this entire situation. What seemed like happiness and contentment with the WWE, turned into a shroud of doubt with two tweets.

Will Cody go in to more detail on his situation next week, or wait until the time is right? WWE may grant his release, but they haven’t done it for everyone in the past. Rey Mysterio wanted to be let go, but the WWE didn’t want to let go of his contract, due to his merchandise sales. Therefore, Cody may not get what he wants. This won’t turn into a CM Punk-like situation, but Cody’s status in the WWE is certainly in question.

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